Need help with 10x14' Master Bath Layout

LARemodelJuly 12, 2014

The existing Master Bathroom is split into two rooms: the first room is carpeted, 8'x10'. It has dual sinks and an underused walk-in closet. There is a doorway, but no door separating the master bedroom from the vanity area of the bathroom. There is an inoperable skylight above the vanity - brings in lots of natural light - but no way to block the sun on the rare occasions that I get to "sleep-in."

The second room is tiled, 6.25' x 12.5' with a 66" alcove tub under the window, a 30x60" walk-in shower and a toilet. There is a standard door between the vanity area and the tub-shower-toilet area. The toilet feels closed in, between the wall and the sliding glass doors to the shower. It's awkward for turning on the shower controls. Also, the layout separates the toilet from the sinks - need to open a door to get from the toilet to the sink.

The North and East walls are exterior walls.

I'm a single parent - my teen son likes to use the tub and shower in my master bath. So, our privacy issues are different then this would be for a married couple; however, I never did find it romantic to brush my teeth in front of a significant other. Just adding a doorway between the bedroom and bathroom would help, but I want a door that swings open, not a pocket door.

I feel claustrophobic in water closets, but would be OK with an arrangement that includes a window and sink in the wc.

I'm including two revised layouts that I'm considering. I'll send these in separate messages.

The "wet room" option keeps the tub and shower in one room and moves the toilet next to the sinks. I like the idea of having a splash zone.My son finds it difficult to contain the water in the shower or bath.

The second option (Option B) swaps one sink with the bathtub. This seems like a simpler option since I don't need to add a window.

I'm open to suggestions.

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Here's a layout with the wet room option. I have added a curtain for the shower, but can be left open. I added a window between the two vanity sinks for ventilation. Also, added a makeup area next to the toilet, but this could be storage, instead.

I'm undecided on the flooring - will probably be porcelain tiling.

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Here's option B - switches tub with one sink.

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Here's my Option C. This option divides the shower-bath-toilet area into separate wet room and water closet. Glass doors and glass wall separation.

The existing vanity is moved into the existing walk-in closet area to make space for the extra door to the water closet. Added a towel warmer and a linen cupboard.

I think this layout breaks up the space too much and there's no natural light into the tub / shower area.

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Is there a reason you need to keep the bathroom chopped in 2 parts? For example, if your son is showering can you use the toilet in a different bathroom? Are you often putting on makeup or brushing your teeth at the same time he's in the tub?

It would be simplest/most spacious feeling if you could keep the room as one big space, with the user shutting the main bath door when showering. Is that an option with how you plan to use it?

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Thanks for input. I met with contractor today to get some ideas. He says no problem with taking out the wall between the two parts of the bathroom. There is a 2nd bathroom on the same floor.

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OPTION A - no offense but dont like at all, not toilet acrosss from vanity sink and seems like a privacy issue to use it with someone able to walk out of the tub / shower.

OPTION B - better but with son liking tub, would think youd switch shower with tub so that he could have privacy in tub without cutting off use of vanity side of bathroom.

OPTION C - like best and I usually prefer open bathroom layouts but this seems very practical. Maybe no wall between tub and toilet for bigger back half room. As is though, you son could be in tub room, and while someones at vainty other person could use bathroom - maybe too close for comfort or otherwise extremely functional.

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Jaynes 123,

Thanks. I agree with your comments. My dilemma is over the conflict between privacy and functionality. It all comes down to the dual-vanity concept.

I have two basic layout choices: 1) one sink each in the "public" and "private" areas (attached layout) or 2) make the entire master bathroom "private." For example, use the layout below but remove walls and door separating one vanity from the rest of the bathroom.

Note in the layout there's a column between the toilet and shower that houses the central vacuum cleaning duct - unlikely it can be moved.

The downside of separate vanities means having to partition the bathroom into two parts, with two doors to open to get to the toilet. Architectural features, such as skylight and window, dictate only a couple choices for partitioning.

I like the concept of having everything in one private bathroom - will make the room more open and spacious, especially if I take out a wall. But it means I can't brush my teeth or use the bathroom for putting on makeup until my son is out of my bathroom.

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I like when the toilet is behind a closed door - if somebody is in or taking shower, the other person can use the sink for make-up etc. I think I like option 1.

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