New Printer--what kind???

marie_ndcalFebruary 5, 2013

I guess my printer is headed for the dumpster. Tried and tried to get the yellow to print etc, but no luck.
It is several years old, SO, am looking at the Epsom 600 or 800. Can get either at a good price. Have a HP all in one and I really like it, but have heard HP's are not as good as before. DH uses a Epsom with ink jars and likes it, but hard to get extra color fillers. Have to order on line
Consumer Reports good marks on the Epsom.'
Does anyone have one and can you use 67# card stock?

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What kind of stuff and how many sheets per week do you normally print?

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I do not use my printer for anything businesslike, just for my own personal use--copying, scanning, etc. and making my own greeting cards, and it's an HP photosmart C4680. For my use it is absolutely fabulous. I would not trade it for another brand. And I do not and never have any connection with HP so whichever brand you choose is up to you. This one is just so right for my needs. Also, can find ink cartridges almost anywhere.

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I have only had HP and have been very happy with all but one of them. It worked fine, but it had 5 or 6 ink cartridges and seemed like there was always one needing to be replaced. Two cartridges are enough to mess with. I donated that one to a charity store.

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Might read up on laser printers.
Depends on your usage, but you might discover toner cartridges, are kind of nice and long lasting.

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Thanks for the ideas. Did research between an Epson Experssion X600 and HP Photosmart7520. I have had the HP all in one 3210 and really liked it. Consumer reports gave higher marks on the Epson and DH just bought on about a year ago --diff. model- and Amazon offered 50.00 off and I had a 50.00 gift cert--so went with that.
Again thanks to all

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