kohler purist vs portrait vs memoirs whirlpool

heartspeaceJuly 10, 2012


I need your advice.

I have a builder the only deals with Kholer bathtubs. They will charge too much. I know this already.

Regardless I have muscle atrophy / damage and this could very much help me. I'm needing the massage model that has back and neck jets. I'm looking at the purist, portrait, and memoirs. The portrait is the smallest and $1500 less than the other two.

Does anyone have any experience with things that all? Does anybody have experience with moderate whirlpools all that are supposed to take care of mildew and bacteria themselves or with some additional help such as bleach and dishwasher detergent once a week?

Please see http://m.us.kohler.com/mt/www.us.kohler.com/us/search/searchResults.jsp?enableRedirect=true&all=true&filter-products-type=false&filter-parts-type=false&filter-techRef-type=false&filter-helpTopics-type=false&searchTerm=massage%20whirlpool&_requestid=598200&un_jtt_redirect#

The builders are going cost me between $8.5k to $10,000. I know it's awful lot of money and I'll have to finance it but I'm hoping the pain relief will be worth it.


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Now that I see what you're really looking for, you probably won't like the memoirs. It's basically an alcove tub you'd use in a guest or children's bathroom; it is not deep at all, although it does feel spacious. Oval tubs like the purist are very tight on leg room if you want to lay flat. The archer likely has too steep of a back for you (which is why it's so spacious inside--tradeoffs). I've never seen the portrait, but it looks similar to the memoirs to me. You really need to find some dealers and drive around sitting in different options.

I assume you mean the $8.5K-10K is the total renovation cost. If he's trying to charge you that much just to install a tub, it sound like you may need to get a second opinion.

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It is a very expensive bathtub. The cheapest I've seen it for about $6000 to $7000 on the Internet and this is with free shipping but it may have taxes applied . This is a new install so it will also require an upgrade to 75 gallon hot water heater. Around here the good plumbers hardcharging about $800 to $1200 to install one. At this point you're already up about $9000 at least. On the Internet sites Seattle center book at tax and shipping many times. If you buy this off of Home Depot and you definitely have to look at tax. I'm going to be able to finance this with the mortgage so that is one plus At 3.5% interest. This will also include the $500 grab bars to get out of the tub. If I wasn't disabled and in so much pain I would not be doing this.

Keep in mind this is not the regular Whirlpool model. This is the one with 10 additional jets for the back. It also includes grab bars that will help me to get out of the bathtub being disabled.

Your point though about it having a small space at the bottom was taken to note. It is 42" x 25.5" at the bottom of the tub. I cannot find a tub with a massage experience that has anything bigger. I haven't tried it out though so I don't know how beneficial the ten massage jets on my back will be, but that is the main point of getting this. Otherwise I could get any Kohler whirlpool tub.

Do you think those ten jets are not able to relax extremely tight muscles a good amount?


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Why don't you ask your physical therapist for recommendations?

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I did ask for recommendations basically this is just make sure that they would try and have a lot of jets on the back, but there not sure if that's going to be good or not good because of the fact that the nerve damage causes pain but the muscles need the relief from c onstantly being activated by the bad nerves. Catch 22. I'm willing to try that it would be really nice if there was an organization that help with finances. I won't go into details but this is not cheap to be in this situation. It would be nice if I was doing this for fun.

Regardless I am down to two I am going to decide between the memoirs and the purist. Purist books more water and had more room but the memoirs has grab bars.


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