A golfer's Christmas Bathroom!

christmascandyDecember 22, 2011

As you are probably aware, golf is a big part of our lives and it is amazing how many holiday golf ornaments there are! This is one bathroom with holiday golf decor.

These are some golf Santas. The large one sure has a strange grip!

This little shelf has a number of golf ornies:

The TS nativity is sitting on a stack of books and it turned out that the top book was the perfect one for it to be sitting on!!

The largest tree in this room is growing out of a full size golf bag.

The garland has small tees and the ornaments are also golf themed:

The regular decor in here is all golf as well. No golf here with all the snow!!

Have a swinging season!


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All so cute! I'll bet besides all the little golf decor you buy...you must get lots as gifts too!
I find whenever you start collecting something everyone you know brings you something to add to your collection.

I love your little Nativity. Its so sweet looking and yes that book was just the perfect top book for it!
I love that tree 'growing' out of the Golf Bag...that's a unique idea...
All your decorations are such fun to see and I always enjoy looking a them - AND your clever ideas!

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Candy, neat golf bathroom. You have alot of neat golf items displayed in here. Love the tree coming out of the golf bag.

Hope you will be able to play golf in a few months. I know you live for your days on the golf course. We had severe winds last night but no snow here right now.


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Don't know how I missed this. Your bathroom looks really cute.
I didn't know Santa golfed in his spare time.
We haven't had much snow and the temps have been mild
so there have been some brave souls out on the golf courses.

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Missed this one, too, candy!

The nativity set is beautiful & the book idea, perfect!

Golf balls everywhere!!! Even in our area, golfers have been able to extend their season...a golfer's dream, uh? Your tree & basket is really CUTE w/all the golf accessories & that 'green' (is that the term) bath mat by your tub certainly is 'par' for the course! ;-)

Lots of collectibles & a fun way to share! Thanks! Jeanne S.

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Very cute! We are having some really nice warm days right now and I'm sure our golfers are on the course enjoying them.

I really like your bath mat and know several golfers who would love any or your ornaments. Very clever of you to put the tree inside the golf bag! You are so creative.


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What, no golfer nativity set? LOL.
You have so many neat things, but that red 'n white bag the tree is in definitely takes the cake!

I wish Mr O had more interest in the decor so I could do the golf bag tree for him. Actually I did get some golf ornaments from the nicest Seller on eBay! I'll get pix for you. They are handcrafted of metal, I bought 3 and he sent me two others FREE as a surprise! Plus gave me a discount! WOW. Guess it paid to buy AFTER Christmas. LOL. I also bought a little diecast metal golf cart from another seller.
These all won't work on the small I wreath I did, so its either a bigger wreath next year or Mr O will get a tree whether he wants it or not. YOU are a bad influence! ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Jane, we do receive golf items as gifts and of course, I tend to pick more pieces up as I find them, LOL

Punk, we just got back from a week in Sedona and got in a round of golf while we were there. Woohoo!

Nana, it is amazing how mamy golf/Santa items are to be found!!

Jeanne, punny as usual! Yes, the mat is a golf green and the shower curtain, toothbrush holder, soap dispenser, and curtain rings are all golf themed items. The rings were a recent gift from DD's, but the other items were from Target many moons ago.

Luvs, we are having some warm weather, but due to the storm on the Thurs. before Christmas, there is still a lot of snow on the course, : (

Karen, looking forward to the pix. Mr. O might actually take notice if the tree was growing out of a golf bag, LOL
What me?? A bad influence?? I'm just a card carrying member of Enablers R Us! HeHe.


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