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tim45z10July 6, 2012

What are your thoughts on building a shower that will be five feet wide and three feet deep without a door. I would build a front wall about six feet tall and three feet wide. I wondering about splash into the sink area.

Thank you for your ideas.


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Maybe this picture of my shower when it was being done will help.

The inside dimensions of the shower are 64" x 34.5". The curb is 6" deep. The pony wall is 36" wide and 53" tall. We knew we would need piece of glass on top of the pony wall, but we weren't sure whether we needed a shower door too. So, we put a piece of plexiglass there to figure out whether we would get splashing on the wall in front of the shower opening. It turns out we do get a bit of splashing on the wall, so we may have to go with a door. I guess whether there is always splashing depends on what type of shower heads you use, how tall you are and how much you move during showering.

The plexiglass we have on top of the wall is 31" tall, so that entire wall is 84" tall. We get no splashing on the toilet in front of the pony wall, but it is about a foot taller than your six foot wall would be.

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Sorry, Photobucket was being a pain this morning. Here is a little bit bigger picture.

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How wide is your opening/shower "door" area?
That is an intriguing picture. Do you have a finished pic? I like your tile choices.

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I never took any photos - and should have - of our bathroom before our current reno. But we had a shower w/out a door and really like it. I've included a drawing below.
From Bathroom

The shower was 65" long and 45" deep. The pony wall was at one end, with the shower head at the other. So while there may have been some splash over that wall, there wasn't much. (Also, our tub & surround were on the other side, so any splash landed there.)

As you can see, we did not have a complete wall along the one of the long sides, because the ceiling rises to almost 9' at that point. So it was a quite open shower.

Oh, yes, the walk-in opening was 28" or 30" wide and the curb was 4.5".

Hope this helps.

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kirkhall - The opening is 28 1/2".

Here is a picture of what it looks like today.

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We are putting a door-less shower in our current build.
The shower is 6' (72") long & 4' (48") wide or 6ft x 4ft.

There will be a full wall on the 'walk-in' side.

We are avoiding splash & a trench drain @ the door way by placing the shower head & spray against the width wall.

Ours will be facing on the width side not the long side.
Our feeling being the water will bounce against a shorter opposite wall & not towards the entrance.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I took showers at the gym at work in the handicapped accessible curbless shower and there was no way the floor didn't get soaked even with a shower curtain. I have also traveled and taken showers in tubs where there was just a half wall of glass and there was no way the floor didn't get soaked. Also, when I shower (I live in the Northeast where it's cold much of the year) I like it to get warm...a doorless shower is not going to do that.

So, I'm not a fan.

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dekeoboe - I really like the way your shower looks! Hope you don't end up having to put in a shower door.

I read on other threads that some of our resident experts think a minimum of 4' of wall adjacent to the opening will work if the shower head is aimed right (especially an overhead rainshower type), but that a bit more wall would be needed if you've got water going in the direction of the opening. I can imagine a handheld on a bar could wreak havoc in a doorless shower.

I'm going to post a link of the shower I'm currently obsessed with; it has a 4' glass panel, then a 30" opening, then a bench area to the right of the opening. You have to scroll down a few pix to get to the "after" shots.

Here is a link that might be useful: Gianetti shower

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@ kmcg: Thank you for that great link!

Hope you don't mind us stealing her idea about the pool plastering for the wall.

Going to talk to my builder about that. Great link!

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