Should I fix this?

JoanneKnightJuly 11, 2012

I have a harvest gold cast iron bathtub with a swanstone surround that is supposed to look like white and yellow marble. The problem is that 1. the bath tub is ugly and 2. the plumbing is not secured to anything and 3. the drywall behind the swanstone has a small amount of water damage around the caulk line. The swanstone is expensive to replace, so I don't want to do it unless I really need to, but I am struggling to get the yellow/white marble and harvest gold tub to match anything.

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This is my bathroom. When the bath water is running it also comes out of the hot and cold handles where they meet the wall.

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This is my other bathroom, with an avocado green tub. I am already working on it and any ideas would be appreciated

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another pic

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Another of the Gold Bathroom

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What does the plumbing end of the wall back to? Any way to create an access panel on the other side.

If you don't want to demo the Swanstone I would call a plumber first and see if they can fix the leak, without demo.

I think the Swanstone goes well with the tub. If you can live with the tub, maybe try to find some color for the wall and curtain and coordinates better.

We have a blue tub here and no plans to remodel that bathroom yet. So I took down the previous owners blue/white flowered wallpaper and painted with walls a muted green and it toned down and detracted from the tub.

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You may just have bad valves on the controls, if that's what they're called, and that can all be changed from the front. On your other tub I am referring to the pieces that screw in to the brass one-piece part at the back.

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I agree to try calling a plumber to see if the plumbing can be fixed without replacing the Swanstone if you want to keep it. Personally, I hated my harvest gold tub and toilet in one bathroom and my harvest gold sink and toilet in the other, so I demoed everything and remodeled. It really depends on your personal preference and budget whether you should keep the tub or not. The remodeling certainly was not cheap (even 99% DIY), but I am ecstatic about the end result and would do it again in a heartbeat.

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Okay I have decided on trying to get the plumbing fixed and refinishing the tubs and painting the bathrooms. I'm struggling to get a hold of a contractor to fix the plumbing and put in the surround for the green bath. Still on the fence about the yellowish marble, what colors would complement that surround for a wall and curtain?

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