Kenmore washer - 90 Series Water Mix Valve Repair

andrelaplume2July 3, 2014

I have had some luck repairing my Kenmore washer (lid switch) and Kenmore dishwasher (water inlet valve) over the past few years. Now my washer is once again acting up. Its a Kenmore model 110.20922990. I think its a 90 series but cannot be sure since I cant find the manual. I do have the parts list. I believe the unit was made in 2001 so I cant complain I guess.

She is old and a bit rusted but has handled to abuse of a family of four ( 2 teens) well. In fact I worry that a new model wont last half as long. Anyway, cold water will not fill. I blew some air in there thinking something was worked for a day now wont fill with cold water again. The water mixing valve part (#3952164) is likely the culprit, bad solenoid I think its cheap and looks like a simple install.

The question is whether its worth doing or is it time to just buy a new washer. Personally Id take a chance on the part and my skill set to fix it. However, when googling on a how to repair when I saw some posts about another issue this 90 series model, an issue where it wont stop filling! I cant help but wonder if this could be an upcoming issue for my washer soon and who wants a flood!

So, what do you think? Perform the repair ($30) or replace the unit. Btw, does anyone know what capacity this model was?

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The serial number is coded for the week and year of manufacture.

90 series, 80, 70, etc. are marketing terms and doesn't much matter. Majority of mechanical parts are the same across all series, other than those related to feature upgrades ... such as a 3-speed motor vs. 2-speed or 1-speed ... a water valve with an ATC sensor vs. one without ... different timers for cycle selections, and so forth. The model number is the key to proper replacement parts, of course.

Replace the water valve ... yes, of course.

You're waffling over $30? I replaced the transmission on an 11-years-old Whirlpool couple weeks ago, $127.75.

BTW, you can get the valve here for $12.99 (current sale price) + $6.99 shipping --

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Not waffling over price...saw some posts about some other part that dies that allows the washer to overfill...thought that could lead to an overflow and a flood....does this ever happen?

If not, I am on my way to ge the part!

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Of course overflows sometimes happen. There are several potential causes for any washing machine to overflow. A common fault in that regard is one of the water valves hanging open / failing to close ... but your replacement should minimize the possibility (other than the odds of a manufacturing defect in the new part or a bit of debris in the water supply getting past the protective screens).

Fix the problem at hand, don't worry so much about other things that could happen. :-)

However, do make sure the valve is the problem before ordering the part. Test the solenoids for continuity with a multimeter, and confirm 120v at the solenoids when they should be on. Could also be a broken/shorted wire, temp switch problem, or timer problem.

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Well, I bought the part...probably should have done some testing but I wanted the part before the holiday! We will see what happens. Thanks!

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It worked!

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