Orange staining in remodeled bathroom

aka_jojofishJuly 13, 2013

We added a bathroom in 2009 to our 1940s Cape Cod. Since then I have been fighting orange staining on the shower tile grout, the shower pan, the toilet bowl, and around the silicone in the drain in the sink and shower pan. This does not happen in either our powder room (which has the original fixtures) or our second floor bath. We added a kitchen addition at the same time, but those surfaces are stainless steel so it is hard to tell if the same thing is happening. When we change our water filter, it is a reddish orange color also. Pex was used in the new addition and also replaced the pipes to the second story bath. Anybody have any experience with this?

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Sounds like a bacteria growing from moisture. Try using bleach. Do you have adequate ventilation?

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Babka NorCal 9b

Strange indeed. I had to look up Pex to discover what you were referring to. Way down on the Wikipedia page it speaks of problems with iron in the water supply and radiant heating, but I don't think that applies to you.

Also discovered this link at the Terry Love Plumbing forum.


Here is a link that might be useful: Orange stains (iron) with Pex

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Orange staining is usually from iron in your water or it can be a type of algae. I'd get your water tested for iron, if it is high it's not harmful but you can get special filters to remove it to prevent staining. If it is algae, keeping things dry and using dilute bleach or hydrogen peroxide will help.

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