ANyone familiar with Ply Gem Windows?

dorry2June 12, 2012

Interested in opinions and comments on Ply Gem windows. Our builder is using these for a resort home and I am sure they are builders' grade. I have never heard of this mfr and wondering if they are any good. It is an "energy star home" but builders are notorious for using inexpensive windows.


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Try the window forum as there will be more guys over there familiar with them. When you post tell us what are they made of and what style of window they are as that will be question number one. I will chime in as well after you answer those questions.

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Thanks, Millworkman! I will do that - I know they are vinyl and builders grade, but will try to get more information - oh, and they are double hung, i think that is the term, and they tilt-in for easy cleaning.

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Did they tell you a series or model number? Although in my honest opinion I probably would not put them in my house unless they were for free. But tell us that info and possibly they may be a line I am not familiar with.

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These windows have been discussed here before so you should search "all forums".

Ply Gem sells vinyl and aluminum windows of many different grades so it is impossible to generalize about all of their windows except to point out that the company was formed when a private equity firm bought a bunch of unrelated window manufacturers (Nortek vinyl windows, MW Windows, CertainTeed Windows, Patriot Windows, Great Lakes Windows and Alenco Windows). Typical of this kind of private equity deal, the new company slashed costs by combining operations, closing facilities and eliminating about half its work force.

The usual goal of these deals is to load up the company with debt and either sell it or take it public which apparently has not happened.

I would not consider using a company with a track record shorter than the glass warranty.

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As well as the fact that none of the aforementioned company made a quality product and in my opinion they bought the machinery and the technology that went with those windows and I highly doubt they did much more then change the name on the label. These large conglomerates need to make money and the products they produce need to be made keeping this in mind. Which is why the builders grade exists instead of making a high end product and charging accordingly they mass produce borderline poor products and make their money on volume.

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