what dishes fit in Miele dishwasher ?

lawlopezJuly 9, 2012

What dishes fit in the Miele ?

We followed the advice of Consumer Reports and brought our dishes to Bestbuy.

I was set to get the Bosch dishwasher and discovered that somehow we really couldn't fit the Corelle pie plate or large bown in at all. We spent hours.

I mean we could fit a ton of small bowls, 5 large bowls, and small plates, medium plates, and large plates in the Kenmore but almost nothing in the Bosch.

We had some success with the Kitchen aid.

We eventually tried a Miele and it was a little better than the Bosch. The ASKO had the best fit.

But the question remains what dishes fit in the Miele ?

The 4'th of july sale on the Bosch is over and I refuse to think of them, it's too traumatic,

I'm planning to bury the Corelle in the Kenmore.

I'm afraid I really want a Miele, but all those highly rated Bosch dishwashers on consumer reports still call to me.

So what dishes, including large bowls, fit in the Miele ?


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We fit most everything we'd want to fit in our Miele Optima (2006-07 model; don't know if any interior specs have been changed with recent models?). I really love the cutlery tray up top (ours is one-piece, I believe the comparable model has a split rack now).

I know my mom HATES her Bosch DW. It is far from a top-of-the-line model, so I don't know how they compare. I know she really, really dislikes the rack set-up, and I think its cleaning ability is not the greatest. They purchased theirs at Sears a few years ago as part of a kitchen refresh, and probably didn't research DW's much, if at all.

I know there are plenty of Bosch lovers and haters on this forum, so I am sure some of them will weigh-in with info/opinions/advice for you. As for the Miele, I would buy another one hands down.

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My wife really doesn't like the racks.
I really wanted to get the Bosch probably
more from the Consumer Reports valuation than anything.
I'm over it.

I've known about Miele's for a long time.
I was ready to buy last night.
This morning I wasn't.

I think that means something about it is bothering me.


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Buy the Miele. You won't regret it. We replaced an old DW with a Bosch and the front panel totally cracked within 4 years, plus, like you, things didn't fit that well. We got a Miele about a year ago, and it's wonderful.

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Many of us on this forum no longer rely on Consumer Reports. They use their own criteria for comparing products and often don't take into account features that matter to real users. Treat them as one input, but not the entire answer.

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I was all set to buy either the Miele or the Bosch *until* I took a basket of my dishes to the distributors' showrooms. I have a collection of, um, uniquely shaped dishes that I love. Neither of the dishwashers could accommodate my dishes. It seems they are designed for very standard, and only standard sizes and shapes. By happenstance, I was shown an Asko, which I hadn't had on my list to begin with. It was the winner. I especially like the adjustable width rack at the back of the bottom drawer, which will accommodate wide and non-angled bowls.

I will now be buying the Asko. Decision made, angst over!



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I get everything to fit. Dishes, pots, pans, platters, cookie sheets. When I bought dishes at auction it did 39 dinner plates in one load. The most I've ever done after a multi-course dinner party (formerly a whole day to clear) was 2 loads including wine glasses. We wash very little by hand. Soooo easy.

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The layout in the Bosches are different or have evolved or something. My Bosch from 10 years ago had a wonderful layout and we could fit a ton of stuff. I had a mid-range model. My sister bought a current mid-range model and she can't fit half what I could. They changed the layout and it's miserable now.

I can fit a ton in my new Miele Dimension. 3rd rack on top is wonderful. I LOVE being able to put big bowls or pans on the bottom rack because there is no cutlery basket.

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My 24 year old GE has very little flexibility, but still holds a variety of dishes better than my wife's Miele (don't know what model, ~10 years old). You can fit anything we want to in the Miele, just not much of it. Main problems are items such as deep cereal bowls, plastic dishes, etc.

I'm pretty much resigned, when I finish my remodel, to buying dishes which will stack well in whatever dishwasher my wife tells me to buy, rather than the other way around.

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Well have convinced ourselves to get the Miele.
I've read all the postings.

I was getting tires on my car and in the Maul I looked in at Sears and Best Buy.

Then I went to Barons and looked at the Miele.

I have some questions but that is another thread.

Thanks cat_mom I could live with the Bosch but I wouldn't like it either.
sushipup we are getting a Miele. I like sushi too.
burntfingers good choice the Asko is a fine machine, a lot of people love them. It had a lot of appeal to me also.
rococogurl thanks for the comments, I have a feeling it will all work out for us.
dfpotterri I looked at the Boschs and their are differences.
But I just couldn't go for it. I really like the utensil tray.
attofarad our 21 year old kenmore worked better than we knew. We could just fix it, I'm thinking of fixing when the Miele comes in anyway. Just to it can be recycled.

Thanks all.

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