high BTU wok propane burner

inga239July 10, 2013

I have looked everywhere for an indoor high BTU wok burner. Presently, I have a BBQ that measures 18" which sits next to my Russell Range. The BBQ is also a made by Russell Range. I bought the six burner cook top from a distributor showroom and had to buy the BBQ as well. In hindsight, I should have tossed the BBQ as I mostly just dust it and it takes up space.

What I would like to do is switch out the interior guts of the BBQ and replace it with a wok burner. The BBQ has its own gas supply separate from the cook top. I've looked at Wok Burners but they are all 20 - 24" in width and don't fit with the look of the cook top and are more money than I want to spend even if it would fit.. Thanks in advance for any suggestions

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I recall that there was a thread on a similar topic a few years ago that, ultimately, "degenerated" into links to monster propane cookers for tail-gating parties. However, a Google search using this site's URL and your subject wording may wake it from the dead.

I question whether having such a unit so close to what appears to be an upper cabinet edge in your picture would meet code.

My Cooktek 3.5 kW induction wok unit would fit in that space, I think, and be equivalent to somewhere around 30k BTU/hr heat equivalence. But while it can caramelize meat and have the responsiveness of gas, it won't have the 100k BTU/hr performance of a restaurant wok burner.


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thanks for your reply. I am not really looking for a 100k BTU burner restaurant burner. I believe the BBQ is rated at only 15K or 20K. at most. Above the cooking paraphernalia sits a Venta Hood with two blowers seized and positioned for the cook top and BBQ. I would be happy with a 30K burner.
I've done a chicken on the rotisserie that came with the BBQ and the only problem is splattering onto the wood cabinet above. I have that problem on the other side of the cook top as well where another cabinet hangs. In a perfect world, I would totally redo the entire thing.

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