A couple of Babes

christmascandyDecember 22, 2011

I mentioned in another post that I had made a Santa apron out of a pot holder for baby Dylan. Here we are together in our aprons:

This is a picture of my brother and me when I was about 5 and he was 3.

I had to sleep with my hair in pin curls and bobby pins to get those curly locks!! LOL

Merry Christmas,


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Adorable pictures...Both of them!

Cute - Cute idea with the 'pot holder' apron..I've also seen them made with little hand towels!
Dylan is just beautiful (like DGM) and getting so big too.
That pic of you and your brother is just precious...I love how you're holding on to Santa.
Pin Curls and Bobbi Pins -Ouch! I remember them too.
Did your DM use 'sugar water' when she made the curls? What we didn't do for pretty hair!


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Ohhhh, adorable! Beautiful pics! You & baby Dylan are just beautiful! And that Santa pic...precious!!

Yes, pin curls w/bobby pins here, too...yes, we had pretty hair tho, didn't we! LOL! TFS, candy! Love 'em! Jeanne S.

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Oh my goodness what wonderful pictures!
Dylan is beautiful. [Her DGM ain't so bad either]
The little apron is adorable and so clever.
You and your brother were pretty darn cute.
I remember spit curls and bobby pins but I had forgotten about sugar water! Oh the good old days!!! lol

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That is so cute!

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Both pictures are just precious! You are sure a young and pretty grandma! ;o) Darling that you both have santa aprons.

The santa picture of you and your DB is so sweet, so neat that you still have it.

Merry Christmas, Candy.


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Precious memories and new memories in the making :) .....


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Candy, Dylan is adorable in her Santa outfit and so are you. You are so talented to come up with this. You are beaming and look like a very proud G'ma.

So nice to see the santa picture of you and DB with santa too. We use to set our hair with spoolies before the foam rollers came out.LOL DMIL still pin curls her hair and she's in her 80's.


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Candy, forgive me if I just Ditto what the others said...
but they definitely covered my thoughts so well. You and Dylan are just beautiful.

But NO pincurls for this Tomboy! LOL.
hugs, Karen

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Thanks everybody!!
My hair and the length of the curls continued to grow until I got it wrapped around a tricycle wheel! I was a tomboy, I just had long hair until then. After that, Mom decided it was time to get it cut as I was too much of a tomboy to keep having long hair.

Needless to say, I was NOT a fan of the pincurls and the required permanents to keep it curly.

DB/DSIL live an hour away, so we get together for the main holidays but no recent pix with Santa for us. Maybe we should do that next year?? LOL

Thanks again,

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