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john_nyFebruary 28, 2014

I, recently, purchased the latest version of Microsoft Office. When I go to the Control Panel, I see that it is there, but I don't know how to create an Icon on the Desktop, so I can easily find Word, etc. Can anyone help? Thanks.

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Which version of Windows are you running?

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Thank you. Using Win 8.

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On the desktop start to type Explore and before you finish 'File explore' will appear
click File explore
On the left side click the small triangle arrow beside 'Local Disk C:'
Scroll down the folders that drop below and click the arrow beside Program Files (x86)
Scroll down again and click arrow beside Microsoft Office
Down again but click on Office12 to highlight
Now look on the right side of your screen and scroll way down to winword.exe
Right click on winword.exe
In the pop up menu click on 'Send to'
In the flyout menu click Desktop (create shortcut)

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Oh well; I can do it in Windows 7.... ;-)

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owbist, I tried to do what you said but, when I have the desktop on the screen, and I try to type Explore, all I get is a gonging sound, like I'm not supposed to be typing there.

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Hmm, assuming you have not changed too much press the Microsoft Start key on the keyboard to bring up the desktop (or Start window) with all the charms on a blue background. I have always assumed that to be called the desktop.

Or hover in the lower right corner and in the flyout menu click the desktop icon - or Charm in Win 8 parlance.

Any better?

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My system is a W8.1. As luck would have it I have a Sony W8 laptop here in front of me that I am working on.

Deep into the right corner activates the right flyout. Click on Search. The apps page will appear. Locate the target icon, and right click on it. In the lower left corner will appear a Pin to Start offering. Click on that and that will put a charm on the Start page, but not the Desktop. Two different things.


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