pc sleeps, wont wake well, has to be restarted. intermittent

merrybookwyrmFebruary 9, 2013

Might anyone have any idea what is going on? We have a laptop that runs windows 7. Mostly it works perfectly, but every now and then it sleeps. Then when you jiggle the mouse to wake it, it wakes then immediately goes back to sleep. This repeats until the mouse pointer is moved to restart. Once the pc is restarted from the restart button, all is well until the next time. This is an intermittent problem. The pc may also be restarted by using the on/off button.

Thank you.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

I would try disabling all power saver and sleep modes to see if that stops it.

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maybe Run a command prompt elevated with administrator rights and type in:
PowerCfg /Energy

Pay attention to the name and where the html output file is saved. Copy that file to your desktop then open it. It will give you hints about sleep mode problems. Maybe you spot whats wrong.

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I find that giving the space bar a tap before running the mouse in a slow circle wakes things up faster.

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As mentioned, go into Control Panel (power settings) using the dropdown arrows beside each setting...change all the full power settings to read NEVER...Battery settings should be somewhat more limited because you don't want the battery to completely drain

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Power management is passe. Since the arrival of XP, and having CRT monitors go the way of the dinosaur it is not anything special. Screen burn has been resolved, and the monetary savings are negligible.

Never has long been the recommendation.


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Thank you. Off to try your suggestions now.

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Windows 8 defaults to everything sleep , meaning the power button, 30 minutes of inactivity, close lid on laptops. If sleep is 180 minutes it switches to hibernate.
Even when you use the win8 ShutDown click, default is a hybrid hibernate. Actually hard to turn off the power for a full shutdown.

They required new windows computers to be certified windows ready to fully wake from sleep in less than 2 seconds. My laptop was win7 and since I installed the win8 upgrade.. wake from sleep is instant. I love the sleep mode. No waiting to see the desktop, no waiting 2 minutes once the desktop is painted for all the processes to finish loading, no waiting for the hard drive to quit spinning - everything is ready ready to go with a mouse wiggle and the couple blinks to spin up the hard drive the first time it needs to read or write.

I'd be unhappy without a sleep mode if I had to wait to use my computer when I wanted to search something quickly, like how to tell when to flip a pancake.

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DA, I thought you were a law enforcement guy? Enabling monitor off and a switch to standby or hibernate following some short period of inactivity (and then requiring a password to get back on) is a standard security practice in the workplace. This prevent unauthorized access or use. It's similarly a good idea for personally owned PCs if you use your laptop out in public.

Enabling display off after a few minutes of non-use, for a laptop running on batteries, can significantly extend the length of a battery-only session.

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Me??? Think what you may as I cannot speak to it.

On this thread no one has brought up the concept of work environment so that perspective was not addressed.

My home system is on 24/7. It has a collage of pictures of my grandchildren as a screen saver for my pleasure. For no other reason. No type of power management is used.

In the past, the consensus of members here was they only use power management in the hopes of protecting the system to make it last longer.

During my entire attendance at work my system is engaged even when not attended. It is the secured database portals which time me out after inactivity unless I do it manually.

I have never seen anyone leave a laptop unattended in public. My recollection is they are actively being used, directly monitored, or shut down and stored. In any of these cases power management is not necessary.

Finally, there are only two schools of thought that are certain for all; death and that politicians waste taxpayer money.


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