Christmas decorating finished..for now. Pictures

oakleyokDecember 11, 2011

You all have seen some of these pics already, but I'm just going to combine them in one topic.

I actually didn't decorate as much as I did last year. I mostly made our living room the main focal point.

I do wish I had taken a picture of the ornament wreath above the TV though, it's like the icing on the cake! Maybe tomorrow.

Excuse the mess here, I was in the throes of decorating but this is the table topper for the game table in the back of the room.

I've since tweaked the lights. I love fairy lights!

The Girlie Center.

Again, excuse the mess. I took a quick picture for my friend. I love the tree in the window!

The present on the left is what I'm entering in the annual family gift wrapping contest. The vase on the right stays there along with a lighted little tree thingy which isn't in the picture.

My recent masterpiece. :)

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PRETTY, PREETY, PRETTY! Your white tree really showcases ornaments, WOW!. (and I like the garland wrapped pole in the back.) White wreath and garland is so perfect for your fireplace, really stands out! And I like the game table tablecloth, spiffs it right up with a burst of color.
The vignette with the fairy lights...oh yeah...I may just have get me some of those next season! Girlie Center and kitchen are cute. That's a neat wall hanging with the tree! I commented in your other post about the gift-wrappped frames. ;o) And speaking of gift wrapping....WOW!
I'm the World's Worst Wrapper, do you give lessons? That's a beauty, I'd give you first place in the contest.
And then put it right back on that table as I think its a lovely vignette with the bowl. (I'm going to add that photo to our Christmas Misc. album! And your tree, we don't have many white ones in our Inspiration album)

Good job, now sit back and enjoy all your work! Or better yet, come help me finish mine. LOL
hugs, Karen

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WOW, Oak you really have been busy!! Everything looks fantastic.
It is hard to pick a favorite, the table cloth with the poinsettias caught my eye, tho, it is beautiful.
Your package for your family's package wrapping contest is lovely!! What a fun idea!!

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Good for you, Oakley! You're done! & yes, please sit back & appreciate all the hard work!

I've seen some of these pics on another thread before & commented.. so I'll comment on the new ones...Your 'wrapped present' for the family contest is GORGEOUS & the glass bowl beside it is very festive! They look wonderful tog!

Love your kitchen window space & side shelves...very cute decor there! That slim Christmas tree wall hanging drew my eye, too, like nana...looks great! And the cut t'cloth on your game table...BEAUTIFUL! Looks like a great centerpc on that table, too! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Thank you, I'm gushing! Karen, last Christmas I bought the fairy lights from Walmart. Actually they're called Teeny Lights, by Holiday Time. I didn't have batteries so I never used them.

When I got the batteries a couple of weeks ago I couldn't believe how neat they are and so light weight! But Walmart is sold out of them, and they're sold out online too!

Jeanne, I'm glad you commented on the wall hanging. My MIL passed away last January & that was one of the items I acquired. It's a couple of decades old which makes it even nicer.

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all very festive and pretty - love the fairy lights. I am really partial to your white tree - it looks very similar to one that I have up now - the entire tree is red/white/green - even has the mesh bows like yours. I had planned to post pictures tonight but the place is still a wreck with boxes and containers everywhere. I need to stay off the internet and admiring everyones decor and get mine done but it is hard when there is sooooooo much eyecandy out there - TFS .....


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Marlene Kindred

Everything looks so pretty! LOVE the white tree! And your kitchen decor is really pretty too! Your girly center and your desk are beautiful....TFS!

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Beautiful tree and fireplace all decked out. I love your poinsettia table cloth for the game table. Still lovin' the fairy lights and that whole vignette.

Pretty in pink, Girlie Center. Your red tree wall hanging so pretty too. I love your tree in the window too. The colors and style are both great.

Your wrapped present is wonderful! Makes me feel like I need to spend more time in that dept.LOL Please let us know if you win. If you have time, hope you will share others wrapping pictures with us. If they wrap like you, I'd enjoy browsing them as much as I do decorations and tables.TIA

I did wrap a few gifts today but my pictures are still waiting for their new wraps.LOL

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Awesome....where to start, love the white tree and how it really show cases your ornaments. Love the white garland on the mantel, I really like the red tree on the long banner hanging on your wall. Looks homemade.

And a gift wrapping this idea.

Thanks for sharing.

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Oak, I want a white tree!! The white on your mantle is just beautiful. The little wire tree above the sink is sooooo cute.. Every thing is just beautiful!


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