Family Christmas Tree is done! (pic heavy)

jeannespinesDecember 15, 2011

DH & I went to tree farm Sun. afternoon ...busy Mon & most of Tues but we got lights on last night ...& today decorated ...ahhh!

It's a fir tree's a full view:

We bought LED lights the last few yrs so there's like 5 strands of 50 (ones w/cone bulb) & a strand of blue mini lights which you can't see in the above pic but you can here:

Our tree is just an old fashioned Christmas tree covered w/yrs of these homemade snowman ornies:

This one by DD:

A crafted 'cork' horse & glittered ball:

Lots of memories from over the yrs...oldies but goodies:

...and bless them "Hawkeyes!"

And special snowmen:

But the most fav of all (for the little ones) is Mr. & Mrs. Santa under the tree...they still move & hold their candlelights:

Here's a closer view of those wonderful expressions:

TFLookin' & it was fun sharing our old fashioned Christmas tree! Jeanne S.

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Mr and Mrs still my heart! What a lovely pair,
they have such wonderful faces!
Your tree is so pretty, and all those memory-filled ornaments make it very special. You are so lucky to have those.

hugs, Karen

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Gorgeous, worth every minute you put into it. Love the old fashioned trees. I was planning to have one in my foyer this year. But, I would have to sell my piano, and hubs said no.

That Mr. & Mrs. Santa are priceless!


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Wonderful tree and even more wonderful memories - my favorite type of tree is the old fashioned tree where you can actually stand there and look at the ornaments and each one tells a story or brings back a memory - TFS .....


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Jeanne, your tree is stunning. Sounds fun to go pick out a tree at a tree farm. We haven't done this for years. I didn't pull out any of my ornaments this year so it was great to see yours all decorated with memories.

Mr & Mrs Claus, snowies and bear are such a nice addition around it all lit up. I really like your star on top too. I'm so glad you shared this.


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Lovely tree Jeanne...nothing like a fresh cut tree.
We've been doing that since DD was a baby. I don't have one inside anymore, but continue the tradition with the one on the outside porch.
I love how you decorated yours and with all your memorable ornaments..those are the best.
'Mr & Mrs' are my favorite of yours too.
They make such a nice glow under the tree and love that they move too. I can see the kids loving them and I think they'll always remember them too.
Lovely job Jeanne...I think you're all set now - right?

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Very nice Christmas tree, and love the Santa and mrs. Clause in front of the tree, Very cute! :)


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What a wonderful tree, so special with all those memories.
I love Mr and Mrs Claus too.

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Love your tree! It is fun seeing the ornies with so many memories!

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Love your tree!

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Lovely decorations. Where did you get your Mr. and Mrs. Clause? They are precious.

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Just was looking thru old Christmas pics & we got Mr. Santa 15 yrs ago ...& he's still going strong...doesn't play music anymore...think his hand has been squeezed so many times by 'gr'babies' & bigger ones, too!

Mrs. Santa came the next yr (after Christmas sales) ...they were both purchased at pharmacy, called "Osco Drug" then.

Plastic Mr. & Mrs. Santa (w/light inside) used to be under our tree all the yrs. before these came! Glad you enjoyed! Jeanne S.

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