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barbcollinsJuly 19, 2012

I had bought tile at a liquidation auction.ÃÂ I did very well with it.ÃÂ I did the kitchen counter/backsplash:

REDRUM Kitchen

and the new bathroom tub surround

Budget Bath

All the tile cost me less than $160.

I now have about 60 - 70 sq ft of the mosaics left.ÃÂ What would you do with the leftovers?ÃÂ I see my choices as:

1( Donate to Restore.

2) Store them away for a future unknown project.ÃÂ Not enough for something big.ÃÂ Probably enough for some accent strips.

3) I was thinking about using them for a patio table, but I don't know where to start.ÃÂ Can anybody point me in the right direction?

Any other suggestions?

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Have you looked over on the stained glass and mosaic forum? There might be inspiration there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stained glass and mosaic forum

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I'd try it on Graigslist first for about $100. Someone else may be looking for the perfect accent tile and this could be it.

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If you have room to store some, do that.

There's another thread here about one's decisions being influenced by childhood memories. My mother always made a big deal about how she purposely overbought floor tile and then had exact matches when some needed replacing. So when we tiled our kitchen and dining room, I lugged the left overs first to the basement, and then from the basement to a shed and finally to a second spot in the shed. Each time DH chuckled at my "Midwestern frugalness."

Years later, though, when we decided to remove a wall and push the peninsula back a bit we had the tiles to fill in the gaps. When we were choosing elements for the kitchen upgrade, we had an extra tile to carry around.

I did the same for bathroom tile. When we changed sinks, again we were able to readily replace the few tiles that were damaged in the process.

I realize that what you have are the small mosaics and not floor tile, but still, I'd at least save a few sheets just in case. For the rest, a patio table would be a nice project. You clearly have good tiling skills!

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