scanned photos too small

715roseFebruary 6, 2012

Hi,I have a desktop,Vista computer. Printer is Photosmart C 5180 all in one printer,scanner,copier. I scanned 4x6 photos to my computer & they come out very small. What can I do ?


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Try scanning at 200% or even 300% to 400% till you have the file size to your liking.

What do you intend to do with these scans? I ask because if you intend to do photo editing then increase the dots per inch - DPI - to 150 or even 300 from the standard scan of 75DPI. Always remember when scanning that you can reduce a scanned file size after with no ill effect but trying to increase will bring on degradation.

I like my scanned files to be 2 megs or better in size.

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Owbist,I don't know where to change the size setting.I want the photos to be of the size I put on my computer by inserting my little card.I want to put them on face book & a group I'm in.I know if you enlarge too much it degrades.I do like to edit.Maybe you can explain this to me in more detail.

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Doris if you have the same or similar software as my HP scanner try doing this or similar to make your scanner do it's scan.

Set to scan and I have a small window appear.
Click the Preview button and a scan is created onscreen.
By default mine is set to 200% size increase but I rarely accept that but you need to scan the same picture at various settings until you are satisfied, then scan. Once you find the acceptable magnification then you can do all your scans.

As I have said, I like to scan to create quite large files with the knowledge that I can downsize for any computer based use. So if you intend to do any photo editing you might be wise to scan large then downsize those you place on Facebook or the group you belong to.

Also when I downsize I use 'Save as..' add a letter after the numeric name or a number after a word name so my original is not lost and both versions remain together when viewed on Windows Explorer.

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Owbist,The problem is when I push scan menu I get the destination menu in window. If I select Photosmart Essential it immediately starts scanning. I get no Preview ,etc. It scans & I get this tiny image where I should have the proper one.
I went into HP trouble shoot.My model isn't listed & it says to reinstall my software.I don't have a disk & I did a reinstall recently when my computer was wiped clean.The problem,I'm sure, is that HP is constantly trying to install updates & they fail. Driver update & Pc to printer communication.
I'm close to getting a Lexmark.

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Doris this page lists for software for downloading, note the full program is there and this is for Vista 32 bit computers. Click this option HP Photosmart Full Feature Software and Drivers âº, it is 159 megabytes in size and should give you all the features capable on that all in one.

Cannot seem to find any reviews that make any kind of comment on the scanning capabilities for the model though.

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Owbist,My system is 64 bit. When I got this computer it was 32 bit. Computer guy put 64 bit on it. Wonder if my printer isn't compatible with it now? I have printed with it but have had to do a lot of resetting,fiddling around.Kept getting out of ink,out of paper,blah,blah.Printer,scanner worked good before I got the 64 bits.
Thanks for your time.

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OK so go here for the 64 bit files.

The first choice is the full suite and the second choice is for drivers only.

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Owbist,I don't know what I did but Hp done some updates & was finally able to successfully update the driver.It has tried to do this many,many times in the past 3 mos.I'm able to get a scan menu & preview on my screen & select a size. I'm going to tinker with this tomorrow. The info you gave me will help me to get the correct settings.Thanks for your time.

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Ah, good news then Doris. I suggest you play around with the settings to get the best results for your self then do the serious scanning.

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