Need reasonably priced toilet for guest bathroom

emmie9999July 15, 2007

Hi all:

I am here from the kitchen forums, and I am learning a lot! I wish I had found you all before I did my bathroom remodel a few years ago.

I am adding a half bath as part of my remodel. This will be an inside room, and will be right next to the kitchen. We are really running close to the budget here, and I'm getting a little anxious. However, I have learned one thing on here already: don't skimp on the toilet.

Would anyone have any suggestions regarding reasonably priced toilets? Toto toilets do seem like the best quality, but the prices are all very high. Crane toilets can be purchased for 80 bucks, but I fear them breaking down. I have a Kohler Leighton currently, and we are very happy with it.

Is there a decent, reliable, quiet toilet for somewhere in the middle? No funky colors, we just want white. Comfort height would be nice, but not absolutely a must. This will probably be the least used toilet in the house. There is only my DH and I, and we are adding this for company, resale value, and the occasional emergency ::ahem:: ;-)

Thanks very much,


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Actually, I may have answered my own question... The Toto Carusoe. Any opinion on this toilet, or on, who is selling it for $179.00?

Thanks again,

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I have all Totos (Ultramax) but on this forum many people have said that the much less expensive American Standard Cadet 3 (the "3" is important, not just the Cadet) is an excellent performer.

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Do a search on the AS Cadet 3. It's awesome. Just replaced thee of my old Kohler's with Cadet 3's and couldn't be happier.

Available at Home Depot for as low as $115.

You definitely want the GUEST toilet to flush like a champ. Can't think of anything more embarassing for a guest than having them clog a toilet...

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house_md: especially when it's close to all the public areas of the house! You are absolutely right. Thanks for the advice.

dmlove, thank you too! It sounds like this is one to certainly check out.

I also found, which is selling the Carusoe for $126. Vidavici will price match and has free shipping, so I will look into that. But the AS Cadet 3 sounds like a real bargain.

Any other ideas, I would love to hear them. Right now I am happy to get these two, it will get me started.


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American Standard Cadet 3 is the best "bang for the buck" for a moderately priced toilet. I installed one in my home last month and couldn't be more pleased with it's performance. I went with the comfort height model and it cost $168.00 from Home Depot.

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