Please recommend a 48" range for me!

julie1973July 28, 2014

Hi. I am overwhelmed with all the info on ranges and need to narrow down to one or two to look at. I am putting in a new kitchen this fall. I am set on wanting the subzero pro 48 fridge with glass door. I just love it. I had assumed I'd get the wolf range because of there promo where you save by buying both, but after reading much about ranges and appliance packages here I am thinking I should look further. I would prefer to not spend more than the wolf. Here's my situation: I am a home cook for a family of 4. I cook just about every day. Mostly saut�ing, frying, roasting. Not much baking - maybe the occasional cupcakes. Would love to be able to broil steaks in the winter. We have natural gas. I definitely want 48" with 6 burners and a griddle. I don't have a preference between open versus sealed burners - prefer whichever cleans up easier. Gas versus duel fuel - not sure. As I said l like to broil steak which makes me think all gas due to infrared broiler, but open to duel fuel as well for self cleaning. So - what do you all recommend for me? Thanks so much!!

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I would recommend the Capital Culinarian, model CGSR484G2. This was my favorite when I tested out pro style gas ranges and I definitely thought it was superior to the Wolf. Your preferences may vary so you should try and test drive the ranges you're interested in if possible. This is an all-gas, self cleaning range. The model number I posted is for the 6 burner and griddle configuration. It has 23K BTU open burners. It has convection, infrared broiling, and a motorized rotisserie in the oven.

IMO, you just can't beat open burners for sheer performance. Some will try to tell you otherwise, but try out a range with them and come to your own conclusion.

They also have a dual fuel model called the Connoisseurian. Obviously prices will vary but these ranges should come in below the comparable AG and DF Wolf ranges.

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Does it have to be a range? Can you do a range top or cook top and then separate wall ovens? If so then you can get what you want for a cooking surface and maybe save a bit on the wall oven, it is just another option to consider.

If you are stuck with a range because of size limitation of your room I don't have a specific recommendation.

If you can do a range top I would also consider the BlueStar stuff in addition to the CC (Capital Culinarian) lines. We have a 36" BS range top and we love it. Clean up is super easy with the cast iron top and grates and now that we went to the open burners I will never go back to a sealed system again.


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Thanks hvtech42 and Phil!

Hvtech - I will definitely check out the CC. It sounds like the best of both worlds for me. I was thinking of looking at the bluestar ranges as well. I was a bit hesitant about bluestar after reading complaints here about the broiler being too small and the knobs getting hot.

Phil - yes, I prefer a range due to space and layout of the kitchen. And also because I like to broil steaks and prefer that be done under the range hood ventilation.

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Bluestar won't self clean. Plus CC seemed to have better overall build quality when I saw the ranges in person. Not all of the CC models will self clean either so make sure you buy the right one if you want that feature.

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Hey julie1973 â¦your description sounds pretty much like my life too! I might do a bit more baking, but the rest is just right!

We just finished a big renovation, and I installed a 48" GE Monogram 6 burner/griddle dual fuel. I am so, so happy with it.

I'd not had gas before, and I LOVE it! I've only put 2 burners to work at one time right now (we tend to grill outside a bit during the summer!), but the control is great. The clean up has been super easy thus far. I love the ovens - we mostly use the smaller one, but I've used the big one a few times. I love having the options.

Functionally, it seems to work great. Aesthetically, it makes me smile. There wasn't a lot of information or reviews on it, so I just crossed my fingers. So glad it all worked out!

Below is a link to our kitchen thread. Good luck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Garage to Kitchen Reveal

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