continuing on with the decor

milosmom_gwNovember 29, 2011

The bathroom decor...

Over one mirror

Over the sink lighting...

The tiny tree beside the sink...

The BOTP cabinet...

My DHs computer hutch in the living room (and his prized heavy frigging little cannon

and finally , my office ...

the little tree, not properly lit as once again my "get up n go , got up n went"...

and the little shelf under the mirror that DH put in the office for me to park stuff on - enabler he is,lol...

that's it until the tree goes up. I won't get to that till at least the end of the week though as my little foster boy is starting the journey to his new home in NH on Thurs and there's several people coming to bid on the darn roof so hopefully we can get that all replaced and move along before the snow comes.

Hope everyone is chugging along with their decor and as I'm being lazy this year ... I'm anxiously waiting to see the creativity flowing. :)

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So you're a 'purple & gold' girl this yr! Your decorations look great! Love the candleholders on that shelf in your office!

...and, whenever I see a BOTP pic, I just have to chuckle! Looks great! Now I'm humming, "Everything is bee-autiful in it's own waaaa-yyy TFS, milo! You've been busy! Jeanne S. (hope you get a bid real fast car got side-swiped by a big John Deere tractor today w/a disk on the back while I was coffee-ing w/some's out of commission!) Ugh!

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Love the purple and gold this year. You have beautiful decorations all over. Everything looks so perfect. Bet you needed to hear that! Something perfect in your life for a change. DH's cannon is cute with the gold candle cups.

Did you make your swags? So pretty and the tree is wonderful. The little pugs are darling on the shelf. Sorry to hear it's almost time for the boy to move on to his new home. That's the sad part of fostering. You know you they will only be yours for awhile.

Hope the roof gets repaired soon so you can have a Merry Christmas and move on to a better year! I'm tickled to see you went ahead and done some decorating.

Jeanne, sorry to hear your car is out of commission. The gal I had working for me is leaving to go work at the hospital so my day was a bummer too. They offer health insurance and she has some health issues so it's a good move for her.sob sob


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PURPLE, and more purple....sigh!

I have just one thing to say after seeing your decor...
send me ALL the little trees and swags!! ASAP

hugs, Karen
(Punk, I'm so sorry your gal left for another job)

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MM, I'm so glad you decided to decorate!
Everything is beautiful and elegant in purple and gold.
Looking forward to seeing your tree.
I Hope the bids on your roof are reasonable.
Jeanne sorry about your car.
Punk, Hope you find a reliable replacement.

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Jeanne: HOLY COW! So sorry about your car. What a crummy way to inch towards Christmas. Please tell me you weren't IN the car when this happened. Yikes!
Punk: I did make the swags, though I cheated alittle. I bought premade plain greenery swags and added the pieces in so I could unwire them and use different colors different years. I don't tend to "leave anything as purchased". lol
Sorry to hear you're losing a dear employee. Even if it's the "right" thing for her, still doesn't make it easy. Best wishes for finding anew that you can appreciate as much.

Karen: I knew you'd love the theme and thought about you as I was putting it all together. :)

Nana: Thank you. I hope for reasonable to but having been in the business before, I'm preparing for sticker shock in mass proportion at any rate. UGH! It's gotta be done though so onward we must go.

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Marlene Kindred

Glad you decorated too! Love the purple and gold theme...looks great! Maybe I'll use you as my inspiration...haven't really been in the mood yet to decorate, so if you can do it, then I should too!

Love your swags and little tree!

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So pretty. Glad you were able to get into some decorating.
I knew Karen was going to love the purple. It is so elegant, even for a BOTP, LOL
Does the cannon actually fire? My DB has one that he shoots when my DGK's visit him.

I'm impressed that you change the decor. Once I get something decorated, it usually stays that way.



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Candy: No, the little cannon doesn't fire and I hope my DH doesn't get any bright ideas. lol
That thing is one of his "treasures" as it was an assignment in high school for milling/metalargy class. He has all the diagrams and made every little piece from scratch.

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