Not receiving e-mails

esteban_2009February 9, 2013

Hi folks,
I have X-P SP-3, IE all working good....except from one friend. He says he sends 3-4 jokes per day, I only receive about 1 per week. He claims he get's nothing from me except about the same. I have had no other complaints from any one else. He doesn't know what OP he is running.
Any idea what could be causing this? In the distant past, we did a good job of sending and receiving to each other.

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Does your e-mail client have a Spam filter? If so, maybe his "jokes" are going into the Spam or Junk files.

If you're not having problems with e-mail from others, it sounds as if there might be some problem on his end if it's not your Spam filters.

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Thanks for the response grandms. I don't think I have a spam filter, at least not that I know of.
I am not having problems receiving from others.
He says I am the only one to report a problem to him.
Crazy ain't it???

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You never reported as to what nature of e-mail you are using; ISP provided or on-line. Or, if you are using an on-board application such as Thunderbird. Regardless, I have never known any client or application not to have some sort of "filters (including spam)", "block messages" or "message rules" availability.

Ferret around your e-mail service and review for these. It is not always just the sender that may be blocked, it could be some defined content blocked.


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DA, Thanks for your comments.
I really don't know enough about computers to give you a good answer. I have ATT/Yahoo (Is that the ISP?). I only use Outlook Express. I went to O.E./Tools/Message Rules/ none of the blocks were checked. I couldn't find anything about spam.

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Isp ATT/Yahoo blocks spam in their mail server and/or your online email account too. The outlook express rules is additional to what has already been filtered.

You might investigate your online email account spam folder.

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What a wonderful, knowledgeable group this is. I am glad you all will allow a dummy like me to join.
Each and everyone of you are correct!
I've spent hours tracking down my username and password for ATT/Yahoo and finally got into the mail account that I have never used. There was the spam folder with all the missing jokes/messages. The only reason I can see them being put there is two or three FW's in the subject line.
Once again, thanks to all who responded.

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Richard (chuggerguy)

While you're logged into the online version, you might look in "Options->Mail Options->POP & Forwarding" for this:

It presents you three options in a drop-down like this: Don't download spam emailDownload spam with no special indicatorsDownload spam, but prefix the word "Spam"

I'm pretty sure I've never changed mine because I've never POP'd it down into a client so I would suspect 'Download spam, but prefix the word "Spam"' was the default at the time my account was created. Maybe it wasn't when yours was created? In any event, if I were POPing it down, I'd most likely select either of the two options beginning with "Download".

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