Slowly getting some decorating done

milosmom_gwNovember 29, 2011

As most know, I'm not feeling the holidays much this year but i just couldn't let it go without doing something so in came the totes. I managed most of the decor except a few things and the big Christmas tree. I'll split the post however as there are several pics.

The table, sans centerpiece as I don't know what I'm doing yet...

The side cabinet (all fiberoptic but not lit yet as I was to lazy to go find a power bar *sigh*) , the angels represent my beloved FIL & Best Friend who both passed this year. I wanted a subtle statement and this was it ....

The China cabinet...

Not holiday but our timid little foster girl just because she's so tiny and cute...

The little setting on top of the cabinet housing all the tablecloths, placemats and napkins...

more rooms in another post

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jeannespines are doing great!

That t'cloth & flatware look so good w/your drapes in the bkgrd...very pretty...& I love the angels on your side table...a wonderful memorial for your loved ones. The purple looks rich & beautiful, too.

Your festive dishes are lovely in your china cabinet...& that cute little fostered pug is adorable! I hope things are leveling out for you. Hugs, Jeanne S.

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What a pretty table. Your tc is something wonderful. The way you placed the napkins is neat. Can hardly wait to see what you do for a cp.

The side cabinet is touching and beautiful w/o being lit. What a wonderful way to keep loved ones memories with you this Christmas. Beautiful china cabinet and the dishes and decor is lovely. I wanted to paint mine black and the kids said NO! I'm still thinking I should of.ha

Opps, thought the foster pooch was a boy. She's so cute and looks like she takes after your others when it comes to being photographed. Another gold and purple tree.Woohoo.

I have alot of my purple Christmas things sitting in my purple BR but can't seem to put it together.LOL


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Milosmom, seeing you decorate actually had me feeling a bit teary! I know how hard it is for you after all the losses this year. I'm SO proud of you for pushing the sadness back enough to let Christmas shine thru.

I've always enjoyed all the different looks of your side cabinet decorations, but I have to say this is my very favorite one! I think it is so beautiful, and so special.
The angels are both lovely, and the little tree looks elegant and just perfect. I really love this. Would it be alright if I put your sweet memory side-cabinet in our Inspiration album? I think it would be very inspiring for others, I know its already made me wonder if I can do something now for my late Dad. (glad you can't see my tears as I type this, but your display really has touched me.)

The table setting and china cabinet are very pretty, but of course you know my eye went right to the little PURPLE and gold tree!
(the tiny foster girl is just precious.)

hugs, Karen

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How Lovely everything is. Your table and China closet are so pretty.
Doing a tribute to your DFIL and best friend on your side table is so touching.
Your little foster girl is too cute.

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Thank you ladies.
Jeanne: I'd like to say things are leveling but I don't wanna jinx myself. lol

Punk: That's one of my favorite tablecloths, it's so shimmery and pretty but mainly because it's not meant to be ironed. lol
I'll pitch in my vote for painting to. This one was horrid when I got it so I didn't really have a choice. It's actually just cheap-o wmart paint called Charcoal Sketch so it's a little bit o black and a little bit o grey blended enough that it's not "to dark" but it doesn't photograph that way worth a flip.
I do have a foster boy as well. I went to pick him up and brought home 2. lol , so it goes. The little boy is going to his new home tomorrow but Sissie is timid/shy and needs some work before she'll be going anywhere unless someone very dedicated and special chooses her.

((Karen)):: I'm sorry to have teared you up. I truly know how hard this year has been for you. It seems we've both , well several of us here actually have had a really bad go of things this year :(. I gripe and rant and cry but I've never been the person to let those things linger in getting me down for the long haul as I believe you have to pull up your bootstraps and march on in order to survive.
You're more than welcome to put the pic in an album. It's not an over the top decor but small and meaningful which is what I think a memorial tic should be. The angels were actually a gift from dear FIL some time ago. I never intended them to be used in this way but it's fitting i think.
I have no doubt you could certainly do a memory vignette for your DDad. Something simple, something that ties you both together , or something based on his "interests/hobbies" touched with a small amount of Christmas.
For me it in a way says , "they are still with us and though the hurt is still fresh, we're healing like they would want us to".

I knew as soon as I decided my colors for this year that no matter what , I'd get a thumbs up from you for the purple. LOL The tree is the final block of the puzzle and I have big plans. Now whether they come to fruit or not is yet to be seen but I'll have you a picture for sure. :)

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Marlene Kindred

WOW! What an elegant looking table the tablecloth and are those drapes behind? LOVE the pattern of them! Your hutch is beautiful as are your other decorations. Great job!

Your foster pup is adorable too!

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It looks fantastic, Milosmom! Love the table setting (my pups would break all my china if I set that table more than an hour ahead of dinner,so I really enjoy living vicariously through your setting! Wonderfull setting and sentiment for the angels, too, and all looks just so festive it's a pleasure to peruse. The foster pup's a beauty, too - thank you for sharing. :-)

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