Cast iron 60x30 drop in with tile flange?

piscesgirlJuly 21, 2013

We need to select a tub for our guest bathroom. We need a 60x30 alcove tub with tile flange. I would like a non-skirted front so we can tile the front. DH wants a cast iron tub. I can't find a cast iron alcove non-skirted this size. Does anyone know if such a tub exists? Thank you.

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I am with your DH on this. Kohler has the Villager which is a nice cast iron 30x60 tub. But I don't care for the chevron embossed on the side. I put in the Bellwether for this reason as the front is plain. The 60x30 Bellwether, not the larger older model. The larger one is short on the bottom and has a slant on both ends, requireing a longer tub filler than is typical, or the water ends up pouring onto the front and possibly out the overflow drain.

The small sized Bellwether actually has a longer interior bottom for bathing. It is not very wide so for very obese people it would not be desirable. The tub is not high which is why I got it. I like a low tub for washing kids and dogs. If you are going to have it with a shower, I think it would be ideal. Here is a picture of my tub installed:

Regular front (not slanted like the larger model)

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