Hood question and duct run

phiwwyJuly 12, 2012

Posted on kitchen forum - posting here with the hopes of getting some advice:

Our hood, which was semi-custom, will be wall mounted and will go to the ceiling. it will vent out the rear. the duct will run across the garage ceiling, in the previous channel (as luck would have it) and outside.

the cutout for the hood at the rear, is, say 4" from the kitchen ceiling. The channel for the duct is, say 3" or so lower (due to lower ceiling height in garage).

the walls are 4" thick, I believe.

Builder says the hood won't be able to line up with the channel, and needs to be mounted lower on the kitchen wall to line up, which will look ridiculous.

Any thoughts on how to resolve?

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Where is the blower?

With an external blower, if the desired hole location in the hood is still above the baffles, then cut out a hole that encompasses the existing hole and desired new hole and cover it with sheet metal that has a hole at the desired location.


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