Clearance for a side-entry garage?

my4cowboysJune 20, 2011

How many feet would make for a reasonable clearance from the property line for a side-entry garage? DH and I are figuring out some plans and would like a side-entry garage, if possible. Also, I drive a Chevy Suburban, so we would probably need more than just the bare minimum. Thanks!

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Set up some cones in your planned layout in an empty parking lot and use that to practice driving the Suburban. My guess is that you will want at least 30 feet, perhaps as much as 40.

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Ours is about 25 feet from the garage door to the edge of the driveway. I was worried about this distanct too, but have found that it works just fine. We have a pretty long Honday Odyssey minivan, and I think that I would still be ok if my car were slightly longer.

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25 is what we were told as minimum with 30 feet being comfortable for larger vehicles and bad drivers...

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30 feet from the garage edge to the property setback line. If your property setback is 5', then 35' from garage edge to property line. And do make your garage deeper and wider than you think you'll need. Most standard garages aren't nearly big enough to store automobiles and household junk as well. 30" deep minimum and 30'-35' wide depending on how much storage you want to have.

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Thanks for everyone's responses - this helps a lot so we know what our options are (I think we'll have enough room to do a side-entry)

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I'm wondering is that an exact 25 feet of driveway width you have? We currently have a standard 2100 sq foot colonial with drive under side entry garage (not my preference in a house but it was required for landscape reasons when the house was built). In order to gain back some much needed basement living and storage space, its our plan to build off the side of the house (the garage side) by just extending the garage out some. We only have 38 feet from the side of the house to the property line so if we built out the house about 12-13 feet (enough for a long narrow bonus room over where the new garage will be) than that only leaves 25-26 feet of width in the driveway to drive into the new side entry garage. I drive a Honda Odyssey now. My husband drives a truck and doesn't park in the garage because we use his side for a workshop. We don't expect for him to be able to pull his truck in but I park the Odyssey in the garage a lot. Is 25 feet really enough to make an angled turn into the garage? Also, does it help to have one wide single garage door versus two single? I read somewhere 10 foot width doors are a must if going with two separate doors versus one. PLEASE help me figure this out. If we can't do this I may have major house purchase regret. We could do a drive straight in from the street drive-under garage as a back up but aesthetically speaking I'd rather have a side entry garage. Help!!

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