going to take me awhile to catch up....

PurplemoonNovember 30, 2012

I have been reading posts and looking at photos (all from right before Thanksgiving) and I have a LOT of catching up to do! So be patient, and I'll get each of you commented on. Just might take me a few evenings as busy as you guys have been!

I kind of took some 'time off', from everything, and hibernated the past week +. I didn't even make the big family Thanksgiving dinner at Jason's, stayed home alone and had left-over pizza. Tho "Mr Oblivious" went of course.

First Thanksgiving I've EVER missed. Not bad for a 65 yr old!! Hopefully I'm fit company again and can join in here.
I didn't unpack any turkey stuff and decorate, so nothing to show you. And I kinda want to skip Christmas this year too, but my BFF has been on my butt to quit moping around and just do it. ;o) She's probably going to nag me a lot.

I love seeing all the decor everyone has done, and Jeanne's BOP thread of course is a favorite of mine. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I'm trying to catch up.

hugs, 'blue' Karen

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Karen, Sorry to hear you missed Thanksgiving dinner this year at Jasons. Sounds like you've had a rough time. I'm so glad you have BFF to help you through the tough times. I also hope she doesn't let you get by w/o some Christmas decor at your home!!!

It wouldn't be like you not to be here joining the fun this time of year. Seems like it's that time of year again when so many jump in and post. So fun to have more enjoying our wonderful bunch of enablers.LOL

Been so busy at work the past month that I don't get home much before 8. Stayed up late tonight to get a little decorating done. I did get my tinsel tree up and decorated tho. It's different the way I decorated it. Tis a beautiful tree tho. I will try to get some pictures to share soon.

I also need to try to decorate some outside this weekend if it ever stops raining. I refuse to go out in the pouring rain and decorate. I also don't like to go out when it's freezing.hummmm

We will have alot of company coming in on the 16th for Christmas this year. Should be a fun time but I know this won't allow me time to redo as much this year.

Hang in there and know we care. Wanna come visit? I love company. Jane where are you? We need that bus rollin'. I think it's time we all get together and have our 1st Holiday Christmas Party!

Hugs BTU, Punk

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Welcome back, purplemoon! Always miss you when you are gone! Glad you've made it thru the rolls & punches...hugs, Jeanne S.

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Karen, So glad you're back.
I'm sorry you have been having such a rough time.
I hope we can cheer you up.
We miss you when you aren't here.

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Nice to see you Karen - I have been MIA over here so don't know who has been regular or not but I have missed seeing you on FB. So sorry you are going through some rough times and hope that the Christmas spirit will come back (((Karen))) .....


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Thanks Gang. But please don't worry about my Holiday Blues, it'll be ok. Just think of me being like Frosty...
"everyone is entitled to a meltdown". ;o)
And please keep your love and prayers focused on Kay-Luvs as she struggles with BOTH Christmas and her 47th anniversary. These 'firsts' alone are so horrible, as some of you know all too well. I just want to surround her with all the love we can!
(Nana, I hope yours are getting a bit easier, just know you are loved here too)

Punk, I wish I could travel and visit!! That would be soooo wonderful. But I swear, you are the busiest person I know I think. I don't know what batteries keep you running, but I sure would like to have some. ;o)

Lynne, sure have missed you here! Hope you will hang around with us again. As for FB, I'm afraid I went kind of private for a few months. Tho didn't mean it to be permanent. I just haven't gotten back into 'normal' and caught up with a lot of stuff. Send me another friend request so I get you back on please. I don't do much personal posting there, I mostly put cartoons and sayings that catch my fancy. I've always loved quotes and wisdoms, especially for the truth in them. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Karen! I'm in & out here too with no rhyme or reason, just when I can grab a few minutes to look at pretties. You all keep me happy with your pretty decor!

I know how you feel, you're not alone!

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