How Would You Fix This Dormer? Pics

bowyer123June 17, 2012

Here are a few pictures of our dormer that we are not real happy with. The windows are to small and there is to much space above them as well. These windows are 5' tall. We want to make this more symmetrical. Since changing the slope of the dormer roof is out of the question, we can either move the windows up a bit, add a taller (6') window or add on a fixed window over both of these existing windows.

We are thinking the best solution would be to replace these 5' windows with 6' windows and move the bottom of each just a little bit. Our builder said this was doable, or he suggested adding a fixed piece of glass over each window, and leaving these in place. To me that idea will look odd and won't go with the existing look of the house.

I'm pretty sure the best solution is to go with the taller window and move them up a bit. My only concern there is making the bottom of the windows to high, thus making it awkward to open from the inside. The builder said once the gutters are in place, this will make them look closer to the top and it wouldn't be as noticeable. He was implying that we could move the bottoms of the (6') windows up just a bit and it will look more balanced.

As a side-note, the boards you see are 8" and the visible amount of each board is 7".

Also, the siding is going to be changed anyway, we don't like the looks of the 'boards' (they are Hardi-Board). We will be adding Hardi-Board shakes of some kind.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks~

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The glass in a dormer should take up about 75% of the face of the dormer so 7 to 7-1/2 would probably be a better proportion for the window size.

How about a fixed window the same size at one of the sashes above with divided lites as well?

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^2 I agree windows are to small in my opinion (for whatever that is worth! :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Our home sell/build blog

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I think a 2 foot fixed window would work above to save you returning those windows. You want the windows to be centered on the height of the dormer.

Also, if you stick with the siding I would have them do the sides of the dormer horizontal. The diagonal siding does not look correct.

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Actually in a historical sense, the siding matching the pitch of the roof on the sides of the dormers is correct. It often isn't done this way anymore.

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Taller windows will help somewhat visually, but the real culprit here is the design choice of a shed dormer. It's an awkward look with the home and roof style chosen. However, the windows will probably need to be returned anyway as I do not see any indication that they are safety glass, which is a MUST when they are that close to the floor. That would allow you to change them out to taller windows or ones with a transom on top. In addition, the dormer and roof detailing does not appear to be flashed correctly, nor does the door directly under it. There will be a rain management issue from this overall design, and no, it's NOT too late to change how it's framed, but the builder will try to convince you it is.

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Thanks for the replies.

We will likely go with taller windows. The room where the dormer is has 11' ceilings, so I think the taller windows will work. Not sure about adding a fixed window the same size as the sash, we'll try to figure it out.

Also, the siding will be replaced on all three sides with the shakes. BTW, we like the diagonal look, but feel the shakes will look better.

GreenDesigns, what exactly about the flashing looks incorrect?


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GreenDesigns - How can you tell by looking at that picture whether the windows have safety glass? What are you looking for? Mine all have a stamp that is about 1 inch in diameter, so I am pretty sure you could not see it in a picture taken from that distance.

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