OT...Finally - There's Heat & Light !!

slinkeyNovember 5, 2011

Hi everyone...don't know if you noticed that I've been

missing in action for about a week! YES ONE WEEK - with No

Power...No Heat...No Water...No Electric...just Cold MISERY!

We lost our power last Sunday morning at 5 AM...The freezing snow storm brought down trees and wires all around...it's been like a 'war zone'!

The GKid's schools were closed all week, so they stayed at their Dad's in NY to keep warm. My DF stayed in a shelter...he was quite happy there. AT the local grocery stores and KMart..everything to make life a little easier, was flying off the shelves! Then the power went out to those stores, as more and more tree limbs were knocking out the power lines. People were getting pretty POd..because we didn't see not ONE single utility truck anywhere in site. They kept telling us that there were so many w/o power that it was going to be at least a week.

Thankfully, we had our camp stove to boil water for coffee..but we ate out for our meals. I think the whole state of CT was at the Mall along with us...We all became 'Mall Rats' - keeping warm, grabbing warm food, resting and swapping 'War Stories'....lol

Finally today, DH gave in and bought a generator and hooked it up late this afternoon - (at night all around us, we'd hear the sound of humming generators)... Well, he hooked up his 'new baby' around 4:30 and just a little past 8:30 PM, we saw the Utility Trucks go by...and a little while later, they fixed the power !! Go Figure!

Anyway, with the way things are out here..we are going to keep this generator for any future storms. I don't want to live thru that again. It's just so good to be warm, have running water and to take a nice hot shower instead of cold sponge baths!

Life is good! lol

I see there's lots of posts to catch up on...I'll be slowly checking them out.

Hope I didn't miss anything important...or juicy..lol


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Oh boy, jane! I was so afraid that was the case for you...& lo & behold, 'snow storm!' Ugh! Wow, what a long week...I am happy the gr'kids got out of it ...that would even make it so much worse for you & DH. WOW! A WHOLE week! Am happy to hear you got a generator now! That will help! & yup, much to catch up on...busy Holiday-ers right now! So very good to hear from you! Jeanne S.

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jeanne...thanks for commenting on my 'lost week' .. HA!

Forgot I took some pics Sunday morning of the snow fall we had....looks nice, but uggg too early for this already!

Happy Halloween..buried in the snow!

I hope this isn't the start of another long snowy winter!


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Glad you are up and running
Perhaps this is a good time for you to start making lists.
what to have on an emergency shelf
canned goods
candles etc

How about an inverter to plug into the car to connect the battery to an appliance

Now that you've been through it you can keep adding.
I went thu the same thing in 2000 at Christmas time with our ice storm in NE Texas
Glad your back

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Welcome back! Sure makes one appreciate modern conveniences!!
It sounds like a generator is a good thing to have just in case!
We have underground utilities, so when that storm came through here, we didn't lose power. We do lose power sometimes, but fortunately, not this time.

We lucked out for Halloween as the snow for the first storm had melted, the weather was in the 60's, and then the next storm hit on Wed. AGAIN!!

It looks very pretty, but I agree, it should be a January picture, not late Oct. or early Nov.!

Stay warm, and glad you are OK.


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Pictures are gorgeous...but only good from my side of the country I think. I can't imagine a FULL week of no electricity! Wish you'd had the generator a lot sooner, but am sure glad you have one now for emergencies. Thank goodness the grandkids had a place to go! And sounds like a good thing for the mall handy to get to! If you'd been snowed in at the house, I can't even begin to imagine how that would have gone.
Hard to believe this happened in OCT no less!

Its a relief to know all of you are ok. I was afraid you were in the midst of the mess. I kept reading and hearing the news and it was just mind-boggling how many were without power, and for so long.

hugs, Karen

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Marlene Kindred

Looks pretty, but I know what a pain it can be! Glad you've got your power and heat back...we never really realize just how much we need that until we're without it. Been there, don't want to do it again if possible.

Good to have you back!

Enjoy that heat~

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Jane, so sorry to hear this bad news. Glad you have power at your home again. I can't imagine being w/o power for a week. Must of been scary not knowing what was ahead each day.

We own several generators and some heaters we can run if need be. Also have the toy hauler we could live in if we had to. We've talked about being w/o power and DH thinks he has it figured out if it ever happens here. Guess it's good to have backup just in case.

I hope this isn't the start of another long snowy winter for you either. Stay safe and warm.


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O how awful Jane!
glad you're back and other than a bit chilled , none the worse for wear.
I know all to well the suffering you've been through. 13 days the first ice storm and 11 days a couple of years ago. Nothing but pure boring misery. EW!
Such is the evil of living here in an ice storm bubble. We rarely get "just snow".
I learned my lesson the first time so now we have a gas hot water heater and cook stove so we can at least eat (providing I make it to actually GET groceries prior to the storm).. lol Hot water doesn't really help though when it's to frigging cold to get OUT of the bathtub however.

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Jane, so good to hear that things are getting back to normal for you and your neighbors. I can certainly empathize with you as here in the mountains we go through this at least every 2 or three years, more so when we were in Va than here, because of the underground utilities here. I was afraid you were snowed in, without power. We broke down a few years ago and bought a generator, and i can tell you , it sure makes winter seem a lot less stressful. Our water company has been working on the water lines and we have been without water a lot these past 2 weeks, but maybe they are about done.We burn wood so we can have heat regardless, but the blower doesn't work without electricity, but we can stay warm, if we don't get too far from the stove. We have made coffee, and did some simple cooking,scrambled eggs, soup, pancakes and that kind of thing on the stove too, so I guess we are blessed.The pics are beautiful, but that is just the way I like my snow, in pictures. I hope this winter is not a repeat of last year too. Glad you are ok. Janet

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Gee everyone thanks for all your thoughtfull words and advice.

minnie...I like the idea of the inverter for the car and will keep that in mind. As far as water, canned goods and candles...I usually keep that on had ALL the time..it was just to darn cold - more so inside the house than outside...and I just didn't feel like cooking. I used to own a wood burning stove in my old home and used it for warmth & cooking..(I sure miss it)..but with just a fireplace now, you have to sit real close to feel comfortable.

Candy...before we got the snow, I heard that Co. was having snow storms...and thinking I couldn't do that so early in the season...I guess I spoke too soon.

Karen...I wish we had that generator sooner too! I don't to humid heat or COLD very well...and I was really reaching the end of my sanity!

Marlene...I guess we can all relate to going thru something like this at one time or other...and it will always bring back miserable feelings.

Punk...wow - Several Generators & Toy Hauler!! DH must be a survivalist! I'd feel pretty safe knowing I had all that 'backup' !! lol

mm...you are so correct about pure boring misery..with COLD thrown in. That gas hot water heater sounds good, but I probably wouldn't want to come out of the hot tub to freeze!

you're so sweet to think of me. Sounds like you're pretty well prepared for storms with a generator, wood stove and fireplace! I miss the old stove I had and did some cooking on it like you. I hope they take care of your water problem soon. I agree with you on 'Snow Pictures' being beautiful...as long as you're not in them...lol


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I'm late getting to read this and sure glad everything got fixed and back to normal. Those pictures are so pretty, but living inside the house with no heat or hot water sounds totally miserable. Glad you were able to get out and at least go to the mall where it was warm and there was plenty of food. I agree, it's sure starting to early--seems like our seasons are changing doesn't it? Keep warm and keep in touch. Hugs.


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Jane, maybe you should put Wood Burning Stove on your Christmas wish list! Where you live, sounds like a good idea to have one!

hugs, Karen

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Oh,Jane I can't imagine going for that long! Did the snow stick around all week or did it melt early on? Were the temps cold during the week?

So glad you have things going now!

Oh, and thanks for posting the pics in spite of your hardship! They are TRULY beautiful.

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Thanks Luvs..it does seem like our seasons are having drastic changes ALL over. I'm enjoying the warmth now and soaking up as much as I can. I do feel sorry for those who are stil w/o power. It makes you feel so helpless.

Karen...DH and I talked about a woodstove for here...but honestly, once DD and the kids move on, we will be looking to move back to NY. Just wish the housing market was better.

pdg...the sad part of this snowfall was that it came on so visciously in ONE DAY - took lives..destroyed so many beautiful trees...brought down power lines - drove people out of their homes...and was pretty much all melted within a few days. The temps were actually warmer (between 50-60) outside than in the house! Today the temps were in the 60's..and there are still people waiting on power. I did say to DH though that at least once the power is on, life pretty much gets back to normal. I kept thinking of people whose homes are destroyed by earthquakes and tornados and everything is gone. That's misery.

thanks again all.

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Slinky, yes I did notice you weren't around, but forgot where you lived. Didn't you have problems with getting heating oil last winter too?

My DH is always saying we should pick up a generator, I'm sure someday we may need one, but I keep putting it off.

Being in the midwest, we get alot of bad snows, but have been really lucky & they have gone north or south of us so many years now, that we get comfortable & think we're out of the woods now.

I can't imagine a week without everything, you are a trooper & YES I would definitely keep the generator, you just never know.

Glad you are back & have elec. again.

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Hi Yachter..
Thanks for the 'shout out' ! Good memory..yes we had trouble last yr with our oil delivery. We had so much snow that the truck couldn't make a delivery down our
steep driveway.
A neighbor came with his backhoe to carry snow away to
open up the driveway at the top. Then we
had to dig a path on the side of the house for the oil guy to walk down the hose!
geesh...I shudder thinking about that happening again!
As far as keeping the generator...yes and as for you, I wouldn't put it off. With the way the weather has been so harsh Sping/Summer & Winter...you never know when you'll lose power. We heard many stories from others, about waiting until it was too late but were so happy they had one this time. As for me being a 'Trooper'...lol I think a little while longer w/o any heat or water, I would have called to be taken away !! lol
Thanks again for your concerns.

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Jane, I'm laughing at DH being a survivalist! We've owned our cabin for 30 some years. The only power we have up there comes from generators. I them mostly for vac. and cleaning carpets. DH uses them for construction and compressor up there.

DH brings them home to make sure they run well before heading back up. We depend on wood heat and gas for cooking and lights there.

We've always owned campers for our enjoyment so have a smaller generator so I can blow my hair dry and curl it. We sold the 2 we had and bought the toy hauler. We only use our toy hauler for attending a fair during the summer for the business. Not near as much fun in our lives since the business came about.

Hope you have better luck the rest of this winter.


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Hi Slinkey!

Hello neighbor! I live it Ct too - in the southwest area.

We were out of power for 6 days! We were also out after hurricane Irene for 5 days so it's been quite a year!

When it went out this time - 2 pm on Saturday I just wanted to cry as I knew it was going to be a long haul again! We got really lucky on Sunday and got a generator. Home Depot had just gotten a truckload brought up from another store in Long Island. Boy, did that generator help! It worked the well pump and the heat and the water heater so we could shower.

I was also relieved to save all the food I already had prepared for Thanksgiving which was stored in the freezer.

I hope we don't have to go without power for a long time but I am so happy to have that generator!

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Hi there dawnup..
Fellow 'Nutmegger' > Small World!
You were lucky & smart - since you went thru it last Summer to get that generator right away.
Sounds like you lived in 'luxury' during the outage! lol
I wish we got ours sooner than we did..but I'm glad we have one now. We happened to be in Costco and they were putting them out and we grabbed one as did other people.
They sold them all within 15 mins! My SIL works for Sears in NJ and she said last week they couldn't keep up with the orders. People were waiting in the store for the truck to bring them in because they didn't want to miss getting one.
Well, I'm sure you and I are not looking for a 'next time'...but if it comes...we'll be ready..


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