Advice 36in gas range or cooktop/double wall ovens

lpaquetteJuly 15, 2013

We are planning a kitchen Reno in an 1870's house. Appliance budget is to stay under 10,000. Space is limited - will have an L shape with a smaller island that we may put the sink or a gas cooktop on.

My priority is to have a good oven and a gas cooktop. I do a lot of baking including cookies, bread, cakes as well as meats/ vegetables for dinner. I cook dinner most nights and make most of our baked goods from scratch.

I would like to get either a 36 in range or double wall ovens so I can fit more food in the oven at once . Other appliances in the budget would be a dishwasher and fridge (planning on going less expensive on fridge in favor of spending more on the oven) One other factor is that there will be small children in kitchen.

Any advice on good ovens that would fit into my budget are welcome as well as 36in range v. Double wall oven / cooktop. So far the only brand I am not liking is the Electrolux - my mother has a gas range and has had the service man out at least 4 times this year and the burners still click and oven performance is less than desired.


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It is much cheaper to go with gas range than a gas rangetop plus double wall ovens.

Your budget for the appliances is a good one at $10k.

What are your plans for ventilation?

Since it is a 19th century house are you looking at wood or stone hoods with a cabinet insert inside? Do you have one you plan to re-use or does that have to be included in your $10k budget.

What kind of refrigerator did you want? Less expensive than a built-in as in a wood paneled counter-depth refrigerator or did you want a full size SS French Door or Side by Side?

I have a smallish kitchen with a 36" range and 24" electric wall oven. My wall oven is my daily work horse but I still use the 36" to roast large meat cuts, turkeys, and other big jobs. You might be able to fit that in depending on your other appliance needs and kitchen layout.

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For ventilation I am leaning toward an insert with a hood built in with the cabinets but was counting that into the cabinet budget.

Was planning on just doing a ss French door refrigerator.

I was thinking about possibly adding an additional wall oven and going with a range - maybe even doing a 30 in range with a single wall oven to make it more affordable.

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Samsung RFG293HARS $1848

JD Power ranks Samsung top FD the last five years.

Miele Futura Dimension Series G5675SCVI $1699

JD Power top DW three of last four years. Dropped to second this year because they got 4/5 stars for value. This is custom panel version. Left room in budget for a wood door panel.

Capital Culinarian 36" Range 6 Burners CGSR366 $6,099

Powerful 23k btu burners that delivery very good even heat across the bottom of the pan Can simmer down to 145 degrees. Gas oven also has self-clean and a motorized rotisserie that can handle up to 40 lbs.

Total $9646

Cabinet Insert I would use Prestige Power Pack UIB34600 $1058

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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Samsung RFG293HARS $1848
JD Power ranks Samsung top FD the last five years.

Miele Futura Dimension Series G5675SCVI $1699

JD Power top DW three of last four years. Dropped to second this year because they got 4/5 stars for value. This is custom panel version. Left room in budget for a wood door panel.

American Range ARROB-636 $4400

Also has very even open burners. 3@ 25k btu, 3@18k btu and dedicated simmer @12k btu. The distance between the burners and the grate is greater than in the Culinarian above so the burners are a little less powerful than their ratings suggest, relatively speaking. Oven features dual convection fans. Both this and Culinarian oven take full size commercial baking sheets.

Gaggenau 200 Series BO250610 24" Single Electric Wall Oven $1600

Fantastic little oven. I have the previous generation of this one. Side opening door. Internal air catalyzer that cleans air of grease and odors before exiting into your kitchen. Capable of baking on 3 racks with consistent results. Has motorized rotisserie as well. I purchased from the liquidator below Sell upwards of $4k in high end appliance stores. The most they sell for at auction that I have seen is $1600 so that is what I put in the budget but may sell cheaper.

Total $9547

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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One advantage of having separate wall ovens - beyond the ergonomic advantages of having the oven placed higher - is that you can get a gas cooktop and electric ovens. (I'm assuming that you have considered induction and decided to stick with gas.) If you go electric, don't eliminate Elux wall ovens- those of us who have them, love them. Bosch also makes good electric wall ovens. Both of these brands of wall oven are good value - good quality at midrange price.

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Placing two single ovens at the ideal height gives you a definitive ergonomic advantage.

Double ovens, by definition, places one oven a little too high and the other too low. Then it becomes a bit difficult to reach over hot oven door on top oven, particularly if you are a shorter than average person. Ask my short sister about burn marks under her arms she gets from time to time

And it places the ovens away from the rangehood.

Although the range oven is low it is placed under the rangehood, particularly useful when baking fish.

Most of these issues are rendered moot if buying Gaggenau double wall ovens but that is $$$$$.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

We went to a retailer who sells every brand out there, and they had some rebates IF you purchased all appliances in one brand.

We chose Kitchen Aid. We can't have gas here. It's electric or nothing, so we went with an induction cook top which, is amazingly superior to gas in all ways!

We got a 30" double convection wall oven, a french door fridge, and a micro-hood over the induction. It's all good! It matches, fits, and works great... With the rebates, less than $9000. All new, with warranties!


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Buying a suite of appliances from one brand is almost always a bad deal and no retailer can possible sell every brand available in the US.

Induction is not amazingly superior to gas. Although induction is superior to typical sealed gas burners induction is not superior to commercial type open gas burners. There are pros and cons to each.

KitchenAid induction is in fact inferior to American Range and Capital Culinarian range tops. Many induction cooktops produce a buzz noise and KA is in fact notorious for it. The younger you are the more likely you are to hear it and some people refer to KA induction as teenager repellant. LOL

Both AR and CC have a higher high plus you can use the multiple power burners all day long. In the KA you can only use the single power hob for a time limited and it pulls electricity from other hobs so you can't use all induction hobs at maximum rated KW at the same time. Induction is in theory more even in heat distribution but in reality undetected. KA has a lower low but not really useable below what is provided by dedicated simmer or small pot burner in the CC and AR burners. When induction breaks it can't be used until replaced with specific part or assembly.

Gas burners can only have two things that break; generic spark modules or igniters, and you don't need them because you can light with a match or lighter. Those commercial burners will give 50 years service life while the induction will be in the landfill with no longer made antique parts.

No appliance company makes the best appliance in every category. KA's main competitor is GE Profile. Profile makes better ovens while KA ovens have a reputation for dying after self-clean cycle. KA makes the best American type dishwasher while GE dishwashers suck.

Miele makes even better dishwashers. They clean better, have fewer problems and use less water and electricity. The one advantage of some KA dishwashers is they can dry plastics better.

KA refrigerators have shown to be more reliable than GE but less reliable than Samung. It is better to buy the best appliance in each category and shop for best price than to buy a suite of some good, mediocre, and bad appliances. Even if you get a rebate and matching handles.

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Some great advice would love to be able to have a gaggenau oven. Do people usually have good luck with ones bought off auction?

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Here is how our new kitchen will be out fitted.:

Capital Culinarian 36" 6 burner rangetop - $3039 - AJ Madison
Bosch 800 Series Duel Wall ovens - $2900 - AJ Madison and others.
Bosch Ascenta Series SHE3AR75UC Dish Washer - $625 - AJ Madison
Samsung RFG293HARS Frig - $2029 - AJ Madison

Prices are very close to the same at other sites. Except for the Capital rangetop.

Vent-A-Hood M Line Series PRH18M36SS - $1725

All for $10300

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My mom has a small kitchen with all sorts of obstacles. She opted for the glass cooktop and wall oven. In retrospect it would have been so much better to have done a range and not waste all that space on the wall oven that protrudes out into her space and makes the countertop at the end dark and unusable except for pushing stuff over there to get out of sight, but no prep space. Also, it made the cabinets above and below harder to get into and the space below the oven is too low and the space above too high. I was thinking since I've been on GW what a poor layout her kitchen is and how dysfunctional. Sure wish I had some GW knowledge back when she ripped out her kitchen. At the time she refused to let them tear out the soffit so the cabinets are really small too and she can't even fit her dishes in the cabs but that's another story for another time, lol. I have double wall ovens and I also bake from scratch and cook a lot. I am not sure what I would do if I couldn't have a wide oven like I have but at other times I don't need such a big oven and feel bad when just something small is in there. Therefore I think the ranges with the wide and small side by side range ovens would be kind of neat. Good luck.

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This may have been said but there are dual fuel ranges where the cooktop is gas and the oven is electric. I'm sure you know that already, so sorry if that's already been posted, I read most of the thread and didn't see it.

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