Fall pics (finally)!!!!!

yachter123November 1, 2011

I've finally gotten pics downloaded and doing a bit of decorating. The white sectional couch is gone & the green carpet is gone, just got my new set delivered today.

My Shih Tzu's destroyed the one part of the sectional as it had to be in front of the bay window. Everytime they heard something all 3 of them would run at break neck speed & jump up on the couch to look out the window.

No more anything in front of the window & no more carpeting. This floor was a nitemare for my DH, but it looks great.

Oops, the Schnauzer statue is not supposed to be in the window, took this before we had the room back together, still needs trim put back & little things like that, but 90% finished!

Found the greatest place for table & other decor, inspiration. A furniture store! Not only was I looking for a new sofa, but I walked two stores doing Ooohs & Aaahs at all the beautiful decor on the tables etc.

I had forgotten how much decorating they do to make the furniture look good, but wow the second store had great ideas!

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Yachter, so great to have you back posting with us. Your new furniture and flooring is beautiful. All your decorations are so pretty. I love the different colored pumpkins you used. The fireplace is wonderful.

Schnauzer statue looks fine with all your decorations in the bay window.LOL Did you make your stacked pumpkins? They are darling. The table setting is simply elegant.

We've missed you here.


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Welcome back, Yacht! Your flooring is really pretty! And I love the bay window of course. Tho your poor doggies no longer have access to it and I'm sure that's not popular with them! The new furniture is right up my alley!
I use to love browsing furniture stores for ideas, but now with the computer I get to sit here and do it the easy way.
LOL. But it definitely is fun to go thru real stores.

Your fall decorations are very nice, especially the fireplace area.
hugs, Karen

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Aw, thanks Punk, I have missed out on so much, now trying to catch up & see everyones decor. I realized that I had not posted holidays since (are you ready?) the last photo's in my Photobucket account were from ST. PATS!!!!!

I am really out of the loop!!!

No, I didn't make the stacked pumpkins, got them at a high end house sale about 3 years ago & have used them in different places every year. I just love them.

I saw this fabulous fall centerpiece at the furniture store, they had two really HUGE fall gold/yellow colored jars with metal lids on either side of a huge fall arrangement. Well, this is my rendition of it.

I priced the fall centerpiece at the store, it was $229.00!!!

I need to go back & just take pics of all the table decor, they were all just beutiful.

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Yachter, my goodness, you really have been away to long. I hope your family is getting back to normal after all the fun you had traveling. Please keep us posted on Dustin. I don't even know him and I'm proud of him!
It was great to see you too. Oh, back to the pumpkins. It's nice when we buy things that we want to keep using year after year? Your remake was great and I don't blame you for not wanting to pay $229 for a cp. Would these stores allow you to take pictures? Hope so and maybe you can share.


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Punk, I'm hoping I can take pics, but if not, I'll take Dustin with, he can sneak them with his phone! LOL

Thank you so much about Dustin, he is the sunshine of my life, truly.

He is such a good kid, he has been volunteering to play at the old church in town. He went there to practice with the singer & drummer tonite.

The Christian school he attends, is brand new & this is the old one, they have given it to a hip minister that is trying to draw in the teen crowd with more upbeat music, so Dustin is loving this, he can play his elec. guitar & also help out the church.

He was just co-host on the Rowdy Ron radio show this past Sunday nite for 2 hours. He also is supposed to be live on a local radio station talking about the movie & playing his two original songs, but NO more trips planned for awhile.

Thanks for asking about him, I think this link may work, it's a podcast of the show he co-hosted Sunday nite.

Rowdy Ron show with Dustin Walker Part 1
Teen rocker Dustin Walker was my guest this show! We talked about his life in music & he sang some great songs of his own as well as other artists! Enjoy! This is part 1!!

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Yay!!Yachters back!! We missed you.
The romm looks beautiful! I'm jealous that you and Karen have those bay windows to decorate. Yours looks great and your fireplace is vunderbar!! (German for wonderful!)
My fireplace mantel is too narrow to put anything of much substance on it.

I have the fireplace going right now, as we are having our second Wednesday snowstorm in a row, : (

We had about 9" last week, it melted by Sat. and now I have at least another 8" on everything and it is still snowing!

Beautifully done!! Dustin sounds like a very grounded young man. Congratulations.


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Oh, yachter, your LR floor is gorgeous! What work! That & with your new furniture looks so warm & inviting! I, too, am in love w/how you & purplemoon decorate your bay windows! It is great that you are 90% finished...I have felt the same way w/siding our house this yr...lots of hard work but the end result is good & now can enjoy other 'fun' projects (like sharing on here!) LOL!

Fireplace looks good w/white pumpkins & goodies in there! Candle for flame, too, uh! And your table is beautiful w/scrunched up cloth in the middle & Fall decor/candles.

Your GS is a remarkable young man & am happy to hear of some even more new things going on w/new minister & music! What a blessing in your life! TFS, yachter, always good to hear from you! Jeanne S.

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Tell your DH the new floors he installed look wonderful! How are his knees doing after all that? I really love your cp with the scrunched cloth, looks elegant. If I tried that, it would just look "scrunched". LOL Such a nice window, and I'll bet it was cute when the puppies ran there to look out! Your new furniture and all your decorations look really nice, now grap a cuppa something and sit back and enjoy it! ;o)


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Yachter, thanks so much!!! I went to the Rowdy Ron show and loved it. Dustin is so funny and a wonderful singer. It was so fun to listen about how his and Rick's friendship came about. Laughed so hard about the Beatles.

This is almost enough to make me want to join facebook so I can tell him how proud I am of where he's at in life. I'm sure he knows and you all deserve some fun in your lives.WooHoo


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Marlene Kindred

Love your new floor and furniture! And, yes, it does look like a lot of work for your DH. Your fireplace is really pretty and so are your table display and window display!

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Oh My Candy, all that snow already, poor you, I'm not ready for that at all yet, well not ever, I'm a warm climate person at heart, stuck in the midwest! LOL

I love decorating the bay window, even more now that part of a sofa isn't hiding it from view.

Thanks Jeanne & Luvs & Marlene, the flooring was not just the livingroom, but the diningroom, kitchen & hall. I don't know what made my DH think he could do it over a weekend! LOL He ended up taking more vacay days to get 90% done, still has lots of trim to finish up.

PUNK, you actually went & listened to Dustin & Rowdy Ron, wow, that was so nice of you. I'll have to show this post to my grandson. He had talked to Rowdy Ron on the phone & was interviewed by him before the Malibu Premier, but had not met him. RR is in Florida.

They did meet & ended up hanging out quite a bit in Malibu & talk about two characters together! They were so much fun together, bouncing jokes off of each other. RR & some other friends ended up in our hotel room til 3 a.m. after the premier that nite & I am surprised we did not get thrown out for all the laughing that went on in the wee hours!

I'll try to get a photo of RR & Dustin from Malibu, see if Photobucket is cooperating tonite or not. Ok, PB seems to be cooperating tonite, by the way RR used to be a wrestler, can you tell?

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Thanks for the photos.NICE RR does look like a wrestler. He seems to be alot of fun from what I've heard. I'll bet your room was rockin' with all the laughter. Hard to come down after so much fun huh? You must be a fun one to be around yourself.

Dustin needs to know you have friends here rootin' him on. Show him and let him know he Rocks!!!


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I loved all your decor, and especially the pics of RR and Dustin! Thanks for sharing!

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Wow..it's so nice to have you back with us again!
You've been very busy from what I see...Malibu Premier...and fabulous transformation decorating!
Love your new wood floors and your new furniture! That bay window should be 'shown off' it's beautiful..especially the way you've decorated it. Your fireplace inside and on the mantel looks so nice and festive too and your table looks lovely.
It's so nice to see Dustin looking like he's 'On Top Of The World'! (cute pic with RR)... I wish him all the best - I'm so happy for him and ALL of you...

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I love your floor, how good of your hubby to do the installation! Your furniture looks very much like mine. I like the way you rumpled up the table runner to make your table decor look a little more casual. I'm still getting my ideas and inspiration right here on this board, thank you!

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