Toshiba 17.3" (BJs Secial, maybe) $400

jerry_njFebruary 14, 2013

I wasn't looking/shopping for a new laptop but as my 7 year old Gateway suffered some screen damage (subject of another post last week), I had looked at buying a used screen or complete Gateway computer for parts. It appears I'd need to pay in the neighborhood for $200 to pull that off.

Then I got a sale notice form BJs on a Toshiba C875D-S7345 with a 17.3" HD LED Back lit screen for $399, and say why not? I don't plan to use this for a travel computer, more of a portable and out-of-sight living room desktop - so the 17.3" screen looks good and what's HD and LED Back lit, is that good display stuff today - next generation screen technology compared to my 7 yo machine. It lists Windows 8, I am familiar with W7 so it might not be a big change.. my old Gateway is XP, of course. It has 4 GB RAM, a necessity with W7/W8 I understand, 320 GB HDD (on the small side for a new computer) and an AMD EI-1200 processor, must be at least a dual core, but I don't know.

I am not a "gamer" or "graphics" user, so I suspect this machine is "more than enough" - yes I am thinking Tablet too, but I don't think Tablet is yet up to replacing a Laptop used as a portable desktop.

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Is it new or refurbished? Why not post a link in case someone else is interested?

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Hum, sounds like interest.

I don't have the specific offer from BJs online, I got a coupon in the mail from them. I was having some problems finding the computer online, on Toshiba/'s web site. It may be a "special" for BJs as I didn't exist on the Toshiba selling web site.

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It's here see link but appears to be out of stock.

Here is a link that might be useful: ad54n7t

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Jerry, Windows 8 is a big change from Windows 7, so there might be some learning curve there. Sounds good, if you can get it.

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Win 8 setup is something similar to what you would have with a touch screen android on a tablet or smartphone..Looks good, but most new/better laptops are coming out with min 8GBs of memory and expandable to 12 or 16GBs..hopefully yours is expandable..would bump up to at least 8..multi-tasking on 7 or Win8 requires quite a bit of memory

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Thanks, looks like the software developers are in cahoots with the memory manufacturers. What's next, a KBit word?

Yes, I remember when 1 MB for RAM was a lot

I think I am not ready for Windows 8. I notice in the pictures of the subject computer the "desktop" shown is a matrix of boxes in more or a graphic/picture form rather than icons.

Yet another step to the reality I am no longer connected to the technical world.

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A follow up on my last response: I think I will look for a good buy on a Windows 7 computer, they should be on sale to get them out of stock.

That's how I came to own the Gateway I'm on. I purchased a Vista machine from Walmart and had some problems getting it operating - I gave up and took it back to Walmart and they gave me my money back... I then went looking for a left-over XP and purchased the Gateway, which has been a good Laptop (15+ screen but thin and light enough to be a travel computer).

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You will have to search hard to find any new computers with Windows 7 installed, since Windows 8 has been out for some time now. A couple of months ago Staples was featuring closeouts of laptops with Windows 7. I doubt very much if they have any now. Might do a search on some of the online merchants for this.

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You might get a good deal somewhere on a refurb with Win7

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Just another thought, you might find a new win7 on EBay from a reputable seller/company

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Thanks, I have looked at refabs.. and there's still a lot of XP out there as well... don't know who would buy one unless like me they were considering it for parts - my latest interest in a new laptop (I mean lap not note, as I want at least a 15" screen) being driven by my careless handling of my 7 yo gateway (my under the table living room machine). Speaking of Gateway has that brand been taken over by ACER? I still see the brand out there, but no longer any advertisements..come to think of it TV is basically absent of any computer advertisements.

Back to subject, I did a reply on a January thread on Windows 8 where I learned from a link provided by ragencajun the RetroUI Pro, make-over to run W8 as W7, and still have W8 underneath for when you're ready to use it. It isn't freeware for at $5 it is almost free, but...

I see the subject Toshiba is available on-line form Toshiba for $399, and I also see a Toshiba near the same for the same price but it has a 500 GB HDD (not the 350GB) and an Intel not AMD. I recall ravencajun prefers AMD. Me, I can't complain with Intel, my old Gateway has a Celeron.

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