'Snowmen Galore in my Porch Decor' (pic heavy)

jeannespinesNovember 28, 2011

Oh the weather outside is (not) frightful ...just cold...no snow ...but my snowmen are ready for Winter! Finished up the porch decor today (except for ironing t'cloth for table & adding centerpc)...so I am happy to share some pics.

Cold out there & not much sunshine so ran the electric fireplace for a bit...hung up the Holiday thermometer between the double set of sliding glass doors to the patio area:

Toasty warm, uh?

Here's some of the snowmen on the wall shelf:

A full view of the wall shelf:

And this snowman 'chick' who sits on the ledge...I love those!

Beside the loveseat is this basket endtable ...I used the Gabriel Pottery big round plate for a tabletop:

These are my very active snowmen ...scooter, ski & sled. You may also have noticed the metal snowmen window sill sitters! I took apart some garland yrs ago & stick them in all the porch windows (trio's):

PBucket is acting up...so I think I'll quit here & post additions in a bit. TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Well, Pbkt is giving me fits ...or else my computer is running some updates ...but here's the rest of porch photos.

This soft, comfy snowman came from a Holiday friend on our forum, purplemoon, & he's found a good spot on my Hoosier cabinet tabletop ...along w/miniature snowman tree in the woven basket:

Here's a fuller view w/gr'kids rocking chair by the Hoosier (game cabinet):

My wood-carved brown bear (w/moveable arms & legs tied on with jute) found a home among the 'pines' this year on top of the Hoosier:

Here he is, that cute lil' fella...

And here's a full view tonight ...photo a bit grainy:

Across from Hoosier is my table/chairs & this tall narrow cabinet (was for VCR tapes long ago)...I've had it since VCR's came into existence! Painted it white & moved it on the porch a couple yrs ago...here's the Snowmen carolers & pines snowman wall bucket:

Hope some snowmen have found a way into your home! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Ahhh, the Snowman Convention has reconvened at "The Pines".
I know how they look forward to this each year, and how much I look forward to it as well. That tiny snowman tree in the basket is sooooo adorable! Love, love it. And I'm sure 'my' Snowman is VERY happy to be away from here and where he belongs. LOL. (mid 70's, tee shirt weather here.) Its obvious he's right at home with you, and to have his own special tree....well you have him spoiled I think!

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne, I'm so glad it's cold enough for your snowmen to come out to play.
Your display is such a delight. It is hard to pick a favorite.
Love, love, love it.

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Jeanne, everything looks wonderful! You make such lovely displays. Thank you for sharing.


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A snowman convention! How cute. Love snowmen (really loved them when I lived where there were none).

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Marlene Kindred

Jeanne...you're so creative and I always love your decorations! Your porch looks so warm and inviting (even though it's filled with snowmen). Love the tree and snowmen in the pottery plate...very cute! And your carved bear is adorable...better hide him from Kirk! Everything looks great!

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Wow! I love the entire display - there's so much to see, so many layers. How lucky your visitors are to get to experience it in person!

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Jeanne, you are going great guns on your decorating. Love all of this. I've scrolled up and down a few times to enjoy all the wonderful displays here. Your porch must be a delight to enter.

Your Holiday thermometer is always a treat to see.


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Thanks, Holiday-ers for your sweet comments. I do have fun decorating the porch w/these snowmen(& ladies) that I've accumlated over the yrs! And enjoy the view when I walk by the sliding glass doors thru-out the day!

I haven't got out my fav snowman book yet ... "Stranger in the Woods" ...you know I love photography & this book is photo illustrated...love it...I'll attach a link if you've never seen this picture book before. Happy Decorating, Holiday-ers! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Stranger in the Woods Picture Book

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Jeanne, snowmen are my favorite winter items. You've really used your's in some cute displays as usual--you just have a knack for doing that! Luvs

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Jeanne, thanks to you, I now have that book. Got it from Amazon earlier this year. I just got it out to display this afternoon!

hugs, Karen

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Thanks, luvs! I'm glad you have the book now, Karen! It's beautiful enough to frame! Have fun using it in your decor! Jeanne S.

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I just finished a shelf in the living room w/that book we're talking about above:

Here's a close-up of the deer & book ...added a faux red candle w/timer this yr:

And, added this 'furry Woodland Santa' to my wall shelf on the porch! He looks right at home w/the snowlady & snowflake & little sheep peeking thru the pines:

I changed out his 'greenery' as the old was pretty matted...this Woodsy Santa was a gift from Purplemoon last yr...I love him! TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne...LOVE-LOVE-LOVE It!!
What a 'Merry Group' of Snowmen on your Porch!!
Looks like they're having so much fun seeing ea other...kind of like a Snowman Reunion...lol
You have so many cute ones too. I like all their different textures and how you mixed them with your greens.
I can tell you were having too much fun 'playing' with them. Ea vignette looks adorable.
I really like the one with the snowman from Karen with the little tree in the basket. I also like how you grouped your trees up on your Hoosier with the cute bear nestled among them.
Your vignette with the deer - snowman and the Book, is so lovely and so peaceful looking.
I think these decorations can stay up all winter..not just for Christmas and you have the perfect place for them.
Love it all Jeanne and I'm going back to look again!

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Jeanne, I put my book on the lower shelf of the bookshelf by my fireplace along with some other Christmas books.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks, slinkey jane! Yes, the 'more, the merrier' in regard to snowmen! & yes, they stay out into March or so when we're all itching for Spring! ;-) I did have fun on the porch!

PM...love all the decor w/your books! Think I'll start a 'Christmas books' thread & see if anyone wants to add a pic of Holiday decor w/books. Will you add yours there so we get a 'note' too? Jeanne S.

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Oh darn, Jeanne. I just while ago tweaked it. I moved the 'clear' deer and angel to another place, cause I remembered I had TWO deer just like that one but amber colored (brownish) like the book cover. And I had a Snowman to add too. Maybe you should delete my pix in the other post and I'll get a new one tomorrow for you.

hugs, Karen

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