Does this Mosaic tile mirror look nice?

coquitlamanJuly 8, 2014

This is a small half-bath. My DIY project.
Does this mosaic match the granite countertop?
24"x36" wall mirror, 1/4''plywood behind the mirror glass to level it with the mosaics.
How do you like this design?
A number of people told me they prefer using a dark color wood frame mirror on a painted wall without the mosaics. But I still like the mosaic idea better. What is your advise?

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Looks like you did a great job and the tile coordinates well with the counter. What looks off to me is the back splash running right up into the mirror frame. I think I would have made the frame up higher with more separation between it and back splash, or would eliminate the back splash and carry the tile all the way to the counter top.

I also think the curlicue "Bath" thingy distracts. Could you find another place for it?

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I really like the mosaic tile mirror and I do think it matches the countertop, but agree with olychick re: having the frame up higher with separation between it and the backsplash. For me, that's too much pattern right next to each other.

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I think the mosiac tile looks amazing, just beautiful and the close up looks even moreso.. Ive seen similar samples but not realized how nice theyd look when a lot was used.

I like your countertop but for my tastes seems to busy / distracting directly besides the checkered tiles. Thinking it wouldnt if as mentioned the marble and tile didnt meet, if there were no backsplash but a gap of solid painted wall to break up checkers of tile, & swirls of marble.

The tile also works really well because while its frames mirror, it also serves as accent wall wind tiles extend fully left to right. Personally I'd have gone solid counter top but colors seem a match so if not too busy for you, enjoy!

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I would paint at least the area above the mirror, the same shade of dark brown as the cabinet, bringing the heaviness of the bottom, up. (Hanging a long and narrow picture with a heavy dark frame would work also). I might even paint the left and right walls that same dark, but that depends on the rest of the room and how you feel about dark Colors. I would replace the shelf on the wall with something that matches the towel hook and faucet.

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Love your mosaic mirror. Tried to convince my daughter to use one in her bathroom but we were not confident in our DIY skills. Is yours a plate mirror fixed to the wall that you installed the mosaic on top. Would love it if you would share details on how you made the mirror.

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