Bathroom mirror problem

txpeachJuly 17, 2013

We are in the process of remodeling our early 1980's bathroom. It is very long and both my husband and I each have a 7 foot vanity. They are side by side with a small wall in between the 2 vanities and we each have a ceiling height drawers/cabinets on one end of our vanities.

My problem is the mirrors. Right now we have huge wall to wall to ceiling mirrors. I know these date the room so would like to change them up. My problem is, my husband's vanity has a sink in the center...easy peasy. However my vanity has the sink off to one side so that I have a makeup area at on end (next to the cabinets. I need mirrors over the sink and over the makeup area.

I can't wrap my mind around how I would do these mirrors. My husbands's side could use 1 large mirror centered over his sink. Where I need either 1 large mirror or 2 smaller one, but the one over the make-up area would butt up against the cabinets.

I can attach photos if it would help. I know this can be confusing

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Babka NorCal 9b

We had a large mirror like that and had planned on two smaller ones. Then we taped and newspapered the existing mirror to mock up a two mirror plan. We discovered that it you are in there together, you can't talk to each other in the mirror i.e you can't see the other person in your mirror. Another determining factor depends on what is being reflected in the mirror. We wanted to see our new shower. So we ended up with a very large framed mirror. I don't think a whole wall mirror dates a house. If you look thru the pics there are a lot of them. The big difference these days is that people have those mirrors custom made with holes thru them to mount beautiful sconces. Something to think about...


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