GE Profile being updated - what should I do?

olivertwistkitchenJuly 20, 2013

We are in the middle of our reno, and the Appliance guy called me to tell me all the appliances will be delivered next Thursday. Oh, and "great news, I'm getting the newer model of the GE Profile wall oven!" Apparently, the GE Profile PT916 has been discontinued, and is being replaced by the GE Profile PT7050 which he says is much better. (I still don't understand how it's better). I'm annoyed, because I gave the deposit for my appliances months ago, and he didn't order it, so I'm forced into the upgrade. Maybe that sounds silly (he says he's happy I will get the newer one). The problem is that there's an OTR microwave that's going over this wall oven by GE Profile that has not yet been released. GE says it's supposed to be released in September. It's not just the upgrade, it's the entire look that's different. I know everyone mixes and matches appliances (we are too), but the micro directly over the oven should not look totally different, especially since the only reason we picked that micro in the first place was to match.

He said he could deliver everything next week without the micro, and then we will just be incomplete in our reno and install the new micro in September. But what if I don't like it? What if the specs are a little off and it doesn't quite fit? GE won't release any info about the new micro.

The alternative is to get him to track down the older model of the oven to match the current micro. I could prob save some $ by doing this. He said "I'd rather not do that, I want you to have the new model - it's better". Hard to know how true that is. It does have a larger inner capacity without being larger on the outside, and it lists all kinds of new features on AJ Madison that I don't really understand. Plus, is it silly to buy a discontinued product? Will I regret that in the long run? Will it be harder to arrange repairs?

What would you do? So frustrating.


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You paid him months ago for a specific item and that is what you should get if it's what you want. If the shoe was on my foot, I'd be upset that he took it upon himself to order a newer model without first seeking out my permission. You probably researched the older model and what you found made you happy which is why you went with it. With the newer model, whose to say that all of the kinks have been worked out? You don't sound pleased that the micro and oven will not be the same style. If you just accept what he's giving you but really aren't happen then you wont be happy 1 year from now, 5 years from now, etc.

Remember, he works for you. You are his boss and if his work is unacceptable then you let him him. Just my 5 cents.

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It sounds to me like he's trying to cover his error - he should have ordered the product you specified. If you're curious you could call GE and find out when it was discontinued. That might give you an indication of product availability. There is certainly no guarantee that newer is better and now you don't have the benefit of user reviews.

You're right when you posted that there could be a difference in size too. Our double wall ovens were replaced by the manufacturer when we experienced excessive condensation between the glass on the door. They gave us the newest model but we had to have our cabinets altered to accommodate the 1 1/2 " height difference.

We also recently replaced our built in microwave and while it's the same model and size as the previous one the install specifications were different which required DH to drill 8 new holes in the cabinets.

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I disagree with the previous two posters and think your appliance guy is right regarding the wall oven. You chose to buy your appliances months in advance, so in the intervening time the oven was discontinued. How is that HIS error? C'mon.

If you do get the discontinued model, you may have trouble finding parts for it down the road. And perhaps GE discontinued that model because there were a lot of defects. Or perhaps it was discontinued because it was dated and needed a refresh. All the appliance manufacturers like to keep up with the latest technology to be competitive.

As to the OTR MW, the GE models are so common and readily available, I would just buy one online or at HD or Lowes, and get the credit from your appliance guy. The GE OTRs don't look that different from one another.

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Actually, this GE OTR micro is totally different. The GE profile has an eyelid shape, the redesign eliminates this. That's my concern.

And he did offer to get me the old ones. I just don't want to regret not getting the newer ones later on down the road.

And then there's also the delay. Be done in 2-3'weeks, or wait till September?

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And what is the significance of a 10-pass bake or broil?

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Olivertwist - I went to the GE website and looked up PT 7050. The Ten-Pass is the broil and bake elements that are coiled ten times or make ten turns from edge to edge of the oven. I.e. full coverage. By contrast, there have been complaints on this forum of other brands' ovens having the element covering mostly the center, so that things go uncooked if they are at the edges of the oven. E.g. a large baking pan filled with cookies where the cookies on the outside rows are not cooked at the same time as the cookies in the middle of the pan. GE is saying their Ten-pass elements prevent that.

I think if your appliance guy had not found a replacement oven, you'd be here complaining how he left you with no oven. Much worse outcome than him finding you the newer model. Yet he just can't win.

Also you are overthinking the matchy-ness of the OTR. If you are so concerned that the "eyelid shape" of the OTR doesn't match the non-eyelid shape of the new oven, get a different GE OTR. It doesn't have to be a GE Profile; I saw several OTRs on the GEappliances website that were not GE Profile, just plain "GE", that do not have the eyelid shape and would "match" your new oven. (and frankly I think the eyelid shape is kinda '90's.)

Here is a link that might be useful: PT7050 on GE Appliances Website

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Another feature the new model seems to have is third element convection. The benefit of this is that the oven should heat more evenly when full. It is possible that it might decrease the usable depth of the oven a little. The overall oven size is a little bigger but not sure if that is in usable space. You would have to measure the racks to see what the usable depth is. The internal dimensions of the oven may be misleading because they often do not take the convection fan into consideration. Even if it does decrease the depth, as long as you can get your pans in, you should be ok. The inside lighting seems to be a little nicer and you have the option to steam clean the oven. You will also have a little higher wattage on the bake and broil elements. The Profiles that I have baked in have an auto conversion for convection. It is just something to be aware of if you use that feature, it may automatically decrease the temperature.

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Thanks Mrs_Nyefnyef and wekick - that's very helpful. I was wondering how they made the inner depth greater and the outside dimensions didn't change, but maybe they did it only to accomodate more fans and stuff.

Looks like we will wait. Oven to be installed this week, micro not until Sept or so. Thanks all.

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Any feedback on your experience with your oven?

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