Crystal Sleigh & a bonus, Santa, too!

jeannespinesNovember 21, 2010

Rode with DH to Menards this afternoon & then he stopped at new consignment store in that area called "Stuff"...we did a walk thru as I like to look at framed prints & dishes (now, do you believe that!)

Anyway, this crystal sleigh jumped into my hands ...& it was so very heavy that I couldn't put it back on the shelf! No markings but I found a couple on e-bay...I'll attach that link...but this is a sweet find for $6.99, I thought!

And, on the same shelf, looking at me, was a glass Santa, who looked like he was thinking, "Christmas comes but once a year." So I picked him up & he was so heavy, I couldn't put him bk on the shelf...his markings were Taiwan R.O.C. & was $1.99 ...

Here they both are...I am looking forward to doing a vignette with them...maybe on a tray or shelf ...ummmmm???

Usually don't look too much at Santa's cause I really like "snowmen!" Oh, & DH didn't utter, "Blah, humbug" either...he said I'd be sorry later if I didn't buy them. So for $9, I brought them home. TFlookin'! Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: e-bay Crystal Sleigh

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Those are great finds - I am anxious to see what you do with them - I KNOW it will be beautiful - TFS .....


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What a wonderful pair you found. I got the same sleigh last year at GW, but no Santa. If I remember right, the sleigh was a Teleflora thing. At least that's what I heard. They do weigh a LOT. Which is why I like finding leaded crystal things. Sort of "cat safe". LOL.

Your hubby was very good! Of course its getting close to Christmas and you know how 'boys' are. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Jeanne...lucky you on two great finds.
I have the same sleigh and yes it's heavy.
It was DD's and she gave it to me. I've used it on a buffet table for little appetizer forks, and also on my coffee table with potpourri and on a bathroom shelf with little holiday soaps. It's so versatile and can be used just about anywhere for so many things.
Love the little Santa..he's a cutie.
Look forward to seeing how you use them.


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Jeanne, love your sleigh and santa. I love crystal and santas so perfect finds in my book. Will be fun to see how you use them this year.

The goodies your coming up with lately means DH should never ride alone You are finding some pretty neat things on these little excursions.


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Jeanne, those are really nice, right up my alley.
If you have a glass dome/cloche, and a glass dish and some fake snow you could do a simple and elegant look with them.

Just put the santa and sleigh on a clear flat glass dish (walmart has them cheap), sprinkle with fake snow, put the glass cloche over it all and you will have a simple, but elegant look. Place it where you get some sunshine in thru the window for the day time or near a light at night and it will just sparkle.

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Jeanne, that sleigh is *SWEET*! I'd have grabbed that for myself in just a heartbeat.

I still do what my great aunt did when I was a kid... I have a painted wooden sleigh w/ metal runners and I find small objects to wrap and place in it as a display. I use items that would make a nice generic 'mini gift' and if anyone asks about it they get to take one. :) My sleigh is larger than yours and I wrap things like small candy bars, small candles, pencils, CDs, etc.

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Jeanne, Great crystal sleigh and Santa!! I can't wait to see how you use them,

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Congrats and the wonderful finds. I love crystal for Christmas decorations, you can use it so many different ways.

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Thanks, holiday-ers! After PM mentioned that the sleigh may be a "Teleflora thing," I looked it up & yes, it is. Very heavy so I'm sure your cats don't move it much, PM! LOL! And great that you, Jane & I share the same pc.

Thanks for the good ideas, Judith & Jane...will be fun to use! I've been on the lookout for a big maybe I'll get lucky...HL 50% off sales or maybe a clearance. I do love the elegant feel of the crystal sleigh & santa.

party...I love your sleigh & the family Christmas tradition that you carry on.

Here's a more country decor of how I've used my glass decor (shown this pic last yr) on a ice skating rink which has lights under the plexiglass covered with blue cellophane & faux snow:

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Oh, just look at the sparkle! I'd have had to have both of those too Jeanne, and like you, I'm more into snowmen, but sometimes that jolly old guy just has to get in on the fun too. ;o)

I'm so proud of your DH for not acting like the "dish police"! Better give him a big ol smooch for that! LOL


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I have that sleigh and use it every year as a centerpiece made at the florist. I love it. Great find.


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Lucky you! Those two pieces will be the centerpiece of something! Miniature presents would be very cute!

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What great new finds, Jeanne! I think they'll look wonderful with your glass snowmen . . . which I'm drooling over at the moment . . . how darling!
Please show us pics once you have them placed this year, will you?

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Jeanne..just checking in here again.
I'm so glad you posted your ice skating scene from last year. I remember how much I liked it and what a clever way you put it together using the metal bucket and the lights underneith.
Please show the picture of it lit up, again....please :)
I loved it!


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jane...I couldn't find the pic in PB ...but it must have been this one...I probably deleted it cause it's so blurry...but it is quite pretty at night...I'll be putting it up again real soon:

This is where it sits on the porch looking out from the it is pretty at night with tree lit up...I'll try for a better pic this yr. Jeanne S.

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