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Ang24June 28, 2013

So me and my fiancee are building a house and while we were originally going to create our own, I ended up finding this plan that & I fell in love with it, with only a few minor changes I wanted made. One of the changes being the formal dining room, instead of having just columns, I requested there be walls, like I added on in the picture, so really there is just a regular arched doorway. The problem I'm running into is my fiancee and I both like this one for the breakfast nook:

And I had already picked out this one for the formal dining room:

Now I'm thinking about using the same light fixture(bronze one) for both places instead of 2 different ones. Would that bronze candle one be okay in a formal dining room?

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It would be fine imo with different finishes - but I think it works best if you are along at least similar styles within the house. The top one seems more rustic - gothic (say that because it made me think of more old times like medieval times) and the other seems more like what you'd see in a Victorian hallway. But I'm by no means an expert on any of that, just what they invoked to me.

Since it seems you want a formal dining - do you not want a formal light fixture there such as a chandelier - or do you have the order of the two mislabeled?

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We're not fans of those big chandeliers or anything, that's the reason I picked the nickel light fixture to go in the "formal" dining room.

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Bridget Helm

i wouldn't do the same fixture. Nor would I do the second fixture in the formal dining room. That particular fixture would be more appropriate in a foyer.

This seems to be proper for a dining room and in a similar style -- rustic old world -- as the one you have chosen for the breakfast room

this is old world as well and would coordinate with your breakfast fixture

this would coordinate too, but i'm afraid it's not wide enough for a dining room. you have to keep the dimensions of the room in mind

better dimensions

an AWESOME deal,100&option0=-3:-4&page=8

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I agree with the above. The second fixture seems too small for a dining room and does not have enough height for a dining room in my opinion. I can't tell from the picture, but it appears to only have two bulbs. That's probably not enough for a dining room unless there are some other light sources. I think it would look cheap. It belongs in a hallway, small foyer or maybe a bedroom.

If you can't find a different dining room fixture I would use the same fixture in the dining room and nook area. Is there a slightly larger version of the nook fixture that could be used in the dining room?

The problem isn't the different finishes, although I'm not a fan of that particular combination, it's the size of the dining room fixture.

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Not sure why you want a chandelier in the breakfast area then if you don't like chandeliers? Or are you thinking of a chandelier in just a particular style? There are lots of different kinds.

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I totally wish I could find one similar to the bronze one to use in the FDR but I can't really seem to find one. Also the foyer is 2 story, as you can see in the 2nd floorplan, so I don't really know how I'm going to get a light in the foyer as it is without there being a really long chain which my fiance is not a fan of.

lyfia, When I say chandeliers, I'm talking about old kind with like a thousand lights and crystals on them.
This one that you, bmh4796, posted is actually pretty cute:

But I also found these 2:
Wish this one was in bronze -

Do you think this one would give off enough light, if not maybe I could add some recessed lighting?

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Bridget Helm

the last one you posted is not wide enough for the room. it would look lost.

the one that you wish came in bronze, i've seen in bronze, but the style is a little more transitional whereas the one you like for your breakfast room is Old World.

Kichler makes several chandeliers that aren't on chains and are on poles, rather.

Here's one

but again, this is a little more transitional. does the breakfast room chandelier look like melting candles? if so, that really ties you in to a more antique old style for the rest of your fixtures. if it's just straight glass cylinders and you hang it flush without the chain then the transitional chandeliers would not fight with it in other rooms

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No they're just straight cylinders, I wish they looked like melting candles. The one on ebay isn't bad. The cylinders look like the one in the first bronze light I posted but I'm not sure if the fixture they're sitting on would look right.

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Yay! I found a light exactly like the breakfast nook light just with more "candles" on it! I think this would be perfect in the dining room. *Doing the happy dance*

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Ok, well I think that you should have the same finish for those rooms. I think because you can see one room from the other.. but that may be just me.

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sweet.reverie - I agree with you and everybody else. That's the reason I was so excited to find a bigger light fixture like the bronze one that will be going over my breakfast table. The nickel one that I was originally going to use in the FDR is no longer an option. While it's pretty, it just doesn't go with anything else I've chosen. So here are the lights that have been chosen:
Breakfast Nook:

Breakfast Bar Mini Pendant Lights(can't see it in that floor plan but we've added a breakfast bar in ours):

Formal Dining Room:

This is something my fiance brought to me he thought maybe we could do this pendant in our foyer since it matches the rest of these lights(even though he's the one who don't like chains - go figure):

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