Did you make a big special dinner on your range day one?

paintedpeggiesJuly 27, 2012

I am finally getting my new range and need ideas for a GREAT dinner for the maiden voyage. Ideas? I like all foods...

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Why would you attempt such a big day one dinner on a range you aren't yet really familiar with or are certain that it is working properly? One that also probably requires several separate attempts days apart at burning off a stinky oil coating protecting the oven?
Test with some simple routines to check it out before the big show goes on.

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Oh I don't mean dinner party, just my usual family dinner but a GOOD one, you know? I cook every night anyway, but some dinners are better than others!

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What laat2 was talking about is that you need to get past a break-in period before doing any cooking.

The first day or two should be letting your oven heat to 500 F for about an hour and then letting it cool down then repeat the process one or two more times.
This burns off any manufacturing oils used at the factory and also sets your insulation.

If you tried to cook before duning a break-in the foods may take on the flavor of the oils.

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Sure, I did. But I also did the oven cleaning thing first for the reasons stated. One pass might be sufficient, Might not. You won't know until you have the second heating cycle underway.

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Aw, I was so excited to finally cook on a good range, I didn't even think about the melt off. I've never had a brand new range or even a good one for that matter! Thanks for the head's up.

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Good things come to all who wait...juuuuuust a little longer. But at least you can start planning and gathering ingredients for the feast. :)

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I agree with all the other advice about breaking in your new range first. Definitely burn off all the oils in the oven. Also be sure to clean off any dust and dirt that may reappear after the first few cycles. Besides the oven, give the broiler a few runs (without any food underneath) too.

Of course you can start having fun cooking over the burners right away.

Once you're past the break in period, might want to start with some simple stuff to see how it all works in terms of temperature, flame size, and heat distribution. For me, baking a few trays of cookies was a good way to learn how the oven really worked.

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