Help with Laundry/Mud configuration

aam31June 30, 2014

Hello All! In the process of finalizing plans, and was wondering if you
all could help make my laundry/mud room layout flow any better??

The door on the left hand side of mud room goes out into the that needs to stay. The right side goes into the kitchen area.

Main goals:
I want some kind of closed lockers or closet and bench area
in the mudroom. We don't currently have a pantry built in the
kitchen, so I thought it would be a good idea to keep.
In the laundry area, I want a closet for cleaning supplies/sweeper,
at least one cabinet, and room to put a couple laundry baskets
for sorting. In additon I need a space for drying and counter
space for folding.

Thanks GW'ers!!

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Link doesn't work. Also, please make it a clickable link. (Below the text box for your message is another text box "Optional Link URL:". Copy your link I to that text box.)

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Corrected Link

Here is a link that might be useful: Corrected Link

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where does the door on left of laundry go? You said the mudroom one goes to garage. Does laundry go to front deck?

What are your door widths? I dislike having to "squeeze" through a door with a laundry basket (or having to turn a basket the long way to fit through without scraping my knuckles). Both doors (pocket from kitchen and "hall" between the 2 closets of the mudroom) to the laundry appear narrow.

And, what is the 6 foot dimension in the mudroom? Wall to back wall of the pantry?

If so, I think that is too narrow for a major walkway. It will be too congested to use the bench.

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Thank you really7 and redlover! This was my first upload. Can you tell me what you did to make the link work??? I am struggling getting things uploaded from my iPad.

Kirk- the door goes out to the driveway, however I have decided to eliminate it to make better use of the space. Good point on door widths; I'm honestly not sure and will check into that.

The 6ft is supposed to be wall to pantry door; however I agree that if it is to the back pantry wall it will be too narrow.

I'm open to reconfiguring the whole space, but would just like somewhat of a separate area for mud room (dirty) and laundry (clean). Also, I think it makes sense to walk into mud room from garage and not laundry room.

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I think the closet parallel to the pantry closet should be turned to open into the room with no door way in between it and the pantry area. YOu could make that wall lockers for shelving for kids, etc. I would think the majority of shoes would congregate there as well. the "flow" would be towards the mud room and not the laundry but I also see wanting a seperation. This doesn't flow somehow as drawn.

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