Thanksgiving Buffet & Table Decor

jeannespinesNovember 9, 2011

Got the turkeys out here today & added this brown one from last yr w/the chicken wire cage...he's struttin' his stuff!

The tapered candle I bought the other day on a shopping trip w/friends...I got it because it has a 'timer' in I don't have to take it out of the candleholder, loosen the bottom like the tapered one I showed you on the porch wall shelf post. The pumpkin garland I got last yr after season & the brass candleholder is a TS find:

Here's the right side of the buffet ... pretty plate & pedestal bowl are TS finds ..I have a bowl on buffet shelf to match the plate:

Here's the top of the buffet & walnut shelf:

The squirrel/flowered candlering are now the centerpc on my table ... also I am using that beautiful 'leaf runner' that I showed you awhile back...a purchase from TJMax. The acorns are after Christmas ornies I bought at a specialty shop:

Here's an eye-level view:

I just love this squirrel! I will use him for alot thru out the yr:

Here's a wide-angle, full view of the dining room:

Also decorated the shelf across the top of the sliding glass door but it's too dark for pics tonight...will post more later. If you missed Dollbaby, she's in a separate post. TFLookin'! Jeanne S.

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Very pretty! Love the brown turkey and his neat cage!
And what great TS finds in that lovely plate and the pedestal bowl. Pretty neat you had a bowl that matched the plate too!

I saw this somewhere online, and it made me think of you with all your pretty dish sets. I like the idea, tho with Jazz I'd probably have to glue mine. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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You always do SUCH a fabulous job on your buffet designs. It's something I admire as I can never get anything like that just "right". It always looks odd, unbalanced or really scary cluttered to me. lol
I'm coveting your squirrel as well. Absolutly love him! but that's another of my "favorite things-critters".

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slinkey always your buffet looks so beautiful.
Everything is so warm and welcoming. The pretty plate, brass candle holder. I didn't know they had tapers with I'm going to look for those (enabler). I have a few but they have slide switches on the back of them..I think timers would be so much better.
Love how you put 'our' turkey under the wire basket...are you keeping him safe...or just keeping him till Thanksgiving!! lol
Still loving the finish on your shows off the nice detail on him. He's a great piece to do different vignettes with.

Karen - pretty stacked cups and plates.
I like the simplicity of it with the added splash of color. Nicely done.
Yeah...with Jazz around, I think you'd have to glue the whole thing together and down to the table!


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Jeanne, wonderful job decorating and I love your new plate and bowl. I need to head to work but I have to see Dollbaby before I go. We'll talk later.


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Jeannie, beautiful buffet decorations. I love the turkey in the cage and I am envious of that beautiful squirel. Lovely TS dishes too. Dollbaby looks great too. I really like her outfit, even if it is short sleeved. You did great girl! TFS Janet

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Thanks, Holiday-ers! Gosh,. Tksgvg is just 2 wks from today! Can't believe how fast Fall is leaving me behind! LOL! I am fortunate that all our family plans on coming home (weather permitting).

PM...that stacked cups & 3 sizes of plates is really, really it w/those added faux flowers...this would be a fun project w/mixed pretty old dishes picked up at garage sales or something! TFS!

milo, jane & janet...glad you love that squirrel...I'm glad I bought it even tho I pd full I will keep using it quite a bit.

punk...that leafy plate & leafy bowl that match also has a big cup with was a GS find a few yrs ago & I was hoping I'd come across more of that pattern (a couple yrs ago I didn't have as many dishes! ;-) Stamped on the back w/"Home Trends."

Thank you all for your comments! 'appreciated! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, A cup too?Yea...Home Trends is very nice dinnerware and that is a lovely pattern. Sure hope you can find more. I love the turkey in the cage. That candle goes so well with everything. I love the new squirrel on the tr.

Did DB stay in her dress today or change so she could go outside.LOL


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Marlene Kindred

Love all of your Thanksgiving decorations, but especially like that turkey in the wire cage! Everything looks so inviting...really like your table runner too. I have got to go to TJ Maxx sometime....always forget about the one here.

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Thanks, punk & marlene...

I do love that 'turkey,' too! He's very versatile to use ...I think slinkey jane must have subconsciously 'enabled' me!

marlene...I love shopping at TJMaxx (so I try not to go very often) ...about 30 min. away ...I always figure it's a 'bargain' of some sort there...& I hit the clearance aisle alot! :-) They have so many odds 'n ends of holiday & dishes there! I just did a t'scape last night w/that leaf runner & Woodfield plates...will post in a bit.

punk..Dollbaby still in her yellow/orange dress & still 'monkeying' around!

Thanks! Jeanne S.

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