Do you love or hate your glass shower walls?

jlhugJuly 23, 2014

We are in the planning stages of a master bath remodel. I love the way glass shower walls look but fear the maintenance. How do they work in the "real world"? I doubt I could convince my DH to squeegee it.

What is your experience with keeping them spot free?


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Babka NorCal 9b

I love ours. We have frameless, patterned glass. It gives more privacy w/o sacrificing light. I use a daily shower spray so I never have to clean them even with hard water. (same for the porcelain tile). It has been over a year now. No Squeegees, no scrubbing ever. I put my fancy glass/marble mosaic on the outside of the shower.

Here are views from outside and looking out from inside.


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I love ours but we do squeegee every time we shower. I haven't actually used glass cleaner on it in about a year (only because we're lazy) and it still looks fine. You actually get pretty good at it once you've been doing it awhile - squeegee now only takes about a minute extra which is nice because it gives you chance to drip dry a bit before using a towel. Towels dry faster now too! haha added bonus I guess.

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I squeegee every time, no exceptions. It takes me maybe 30 seconds. I've tried shower sprays and feel like I'm gassing myself inside the shower chamber. I love clear glass.

I do grab a towel first though, even before using the squeegee.

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We had glass doors in our last remodel that had Shower Guard baked into them. They stayed nice and clean but we did squeegee.

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Love ours. We only squeegee from time to time, no problem with spots. Perhaps our glass has shower guard as well.

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I just got new shower doors for my new remodel. I squeegee the walls and the doors, and I wipe all the caulking with a micro fiber towel after every shower. OR I just use the micro fiber towel to wipe everything down. I am at about 4 minutes. Everything stays nice and clean. I don't wipe down the shower pan thought. Its cast iron and will get periodic cleaning with a spray product.

Hi Sochi, how is your new vacation house coming along. I don't get to the other forums much, and I haven't seen you posting on the BR forum. Glad to see you :)

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. I am at about 4 minutes

That's 24 hrs a year spent wiping down the shower!

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LOL sj!

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I love mine. We squeegee after every shower and I also wipe down places that the squeegee misses. Our squeegee is about 16" wide, so a couple of swipes on the door and a couple more on the stationery glass and we're finished.

I tried the spray in the last house. It wasn't effective, IMHO.

DBIL refused to squeegee the shower door in his new house. After about 4 months it looked awful.

If DH won't squeegee, I'd find a different material.

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We have plain glass, no pattern. I never squeegee. We do have soft water and use only liquid body soap in shower. Never had a problem with deposits or issues with the glass.

Love it as it makes shower feel much bigger, but we only have a 1 wall of glass (big swinging door and side panels) the other 3 walls are tile.

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I love it! I won't lie...they are a bit more work, however I wouldn't change my decision. Our bathroom is extreamly small and the frameless glass shower just opens the space up so much.

- Plain glass
- No "shower guard" treatment (although I did buy an aftermarket product that I put on the glass to help repel water...similar to RainX)
- We have semi-hard water (no softener...yet!)
- We both squeegee every time we shower (if we didn't ours probably would be spotted with water marks)
- Timing - never timed myself, but 4-5 minutes sounds about right. Husband is quicker, but I have to admit I am more detailed...taking the extra time to wipe down with a "ShamWow' type of towel. It may be a minute more but the shower just looks "clean" when all the chrome fixtures are shiny!
- Our shower has marble floor so we use very mild cleaning products
- We use liquid soap (this is very important!)

We have had our shower for 1 year. No issues although we did get some mineral build up along the plastic strip at the bottom of the shower door. I just took the plastic strip off used some liquid bar keepers friend and it was as good as new. Once we get the water softener I think that issue will hopefully go away.

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We have always had glass shower walls/ doors since 1986. Our new house will not have glass. No door... shaped like a squared off spiral to contain the shower sprays.

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We currently have glass sliding doors on our shower. I am not a fan. When we build, we plan to have a shower with no door, no glass. We love the walk-in showers with the design that musicgal mentions above.

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agree with AnitaLR, if you are in the planning stages, you might want to look at a curbless/doorless design. That's what we did and I LOVE it. We do squeegee the walls and dry off the fixtures to keep it looking nice, it goes really fast.

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Hate. Serious hate.

HOWEVER...we have extremely hard water and I have a neurological condition that makes it difficult for me to reach overhead to squeegee each time I shower. Using body wash gels instead of bar soap helps keep things cleaner longer, but we are remodeling to get rid of the glass enclosure.

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FWIW, we had a glass door (just door, everything else was tiled) in our previous home. It had the factory-installed "miracle shield". We most definitely did not (ever) squeegee. The door got cleaned bi-weekly when the cleaning lady came. We never had a problem with streaks or drips.

Even if we did, though, I'd do a door again because before that we had a doorless shower and I'd never do that again - I was always cold.

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