Does this look ridiculous?

dreamgoddessNovember 12, 2010

I know it's early, but I started my Christmas decorating today. I have to begin early because I have to do my decorating, my aunt's home and my mother's home. If I'm lucky, I might be finished by Christmas Eve! LOL!!

I am seriously cutting back this year on the amount of decorating in my own home. I'm not getting any younger and it gets a little harder each year to put it all up and take it down, especially since I have to do my mother's and aunt's also. What decorations I haven't used by the time I quit, is going out the door. I'll either give them to my sister or my daughter...or someone.

Anyway...enough rambling! In the past, I've always hung these pink spire ornaments from garland that I put around the cased opening between my kitchen and dining area. Well, the garland on the opening is one thing that's not going up this year.

So, I stuck the ornaments in the trumpet vases on my epergne. My middle daughter took one look at it and said it was the most ridiculous thing she had seen lately. So my question for y'all is...does this look ridiculous? I only had 3 spires, so put them on the three outside vases. The inner vase is taller, so even if I had another spire it wouldn't fit. I ended up putting another pink ornament in the middle.

So, what do y'all think?? Ridiculous or does it look ok??

The Goddard print beside the epergne will hopefully be getting a treatment like Lynn did for her Halloween art if I can find a Christmas print I like that will fit over the picture.

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It's absolutely gorgeous! In fact, I bought some ornaments to do the same thing in my kitchen for some old apothecary bottles I've collected over the years. What makes your's nice is you have a lot of stuff in your grouping.

I'm not decorating yet, but I'm in the planning/craft stage. I have the "game" table in the living room opened with all my crafty things on it and I'm moving things off other tables for when I put the decorations up.

I'm going shopping this morning and I have pink ornaments on my list for the hutch in my kitchen.

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Looks pretty to me. Enjoy doing your Mom's and your Aunt's homes as well.
I think it is wonderful that you do it for them.


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I think this looks lovely...and very elegant.
I've seen this done before when I was on a 'Holiday House Tour'. and liked the idea.
What a loving gesture to put up your DM's and Aunt's decorations for them. It sounds like tons of extra work...but I'm sure the joy you bring to them by doing this, is well worth it, and something that you'll be glad you did many years from now.


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I think it is lovely.
It is different than what you have done in the past, and change is difficult for a lot of people to deal with, so that is probably what triggered your DD's response. Once she gets used to it, she will appreciate it more.
What a lovely gesture that you decorate your Mom and Aunt's homes also, and what a lot of work!! You are sure earning some angel points for that!!


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Those trumpet vases look beautiful!...& I think your pink spire ornaments are gorgeous ... What do you usually put in the trumpet vases? I don't know...both are so very beautiful with the pearls, the pine greens & rose plate..maybe try them in a crystal dish of some sort??? in that same area? Surrounded by some angel babies? I love these pics, dream...but I'm not sure of them being in the vases either...I can see what DD is getting at ...cause these must have been quite gorgeous hanging from garland. And I love what I can see of your Goddard print...good luck trying Lynne's solution for Halloween. Jeanne S.

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I like what you did. Gosh, decorating THREE homes for Christmas tho. WOW, I don't know how you do it. But that is wonderful you decorate for your Mom and your Aunt. I know it means a lot to them.
(can I entice you to come decorate mine? LOL)

Here's some of the ideas from our Inspiration album too.
The last one, in the little trunk, I think it said styrofoam was inside and the finials on long sticks stuck into it to keep them in place.

hugs, Karen

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Dream, I totally agree with what Jeanne said. Ask DD for ideas and see what she comes up with. My DD has wonderful ideas when I'm lucky enough to share moments like these with her.


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Not at all ridiculous. I really like it a lot. Just beautiful and rich and elegant. Lots of crafty folks here. Guess I better learn something!

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I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply, but I've been working like a busy little beaver the last couple of days.

Oakleyok, the apothecary bottles sounds interesting. I can't wait to see how you do this. Did you have any luck in your shopping for pink ornaments? Too bad you don't live closer to me...I probably could have just given you some!

Nana, thank you! I'm not exactly sure "enjoy" is the right words when it comes to my Aunt's and Mother's decorating.

Slinkey, I've been doing their decorating for several years now. My aunt is 79 years old and not physically able to decorate. My mother is 69 years old and will quickly tell you she can't decorate. Not that she physically can't, but she doesn't think she has "the knack". I guess she doesn't remember that she did all the decorating when I was growing up and from what I remember, it was always beautiful to me.

Candy, I know what you mean about change. I honestly don't mind decorating for them and my mother's house is really pretty easy. She only has one 7 ft tree in her living room and a small 4 ft tree in a bedroom. That's basically all she does. My aunt, on the other hand, get a full entire house treatment. I'm starting on her house this Tuesday and my back is already protesting. LOL!

Jeanne, thank you! Normally at Christmas I have pink roses covered with glittery faux snow in the epergne vases. Depending on what tablesetting I'm using, I might change them out for white or red roses. The cased opening in between my kitchen and dining area is about 9 ft wide. I always hung lighted garland there and filled it with ornaments hanging down. I thought it was really pretty, but I just simply can't handle all the going up and down ladders to hang stuff anymore. Hmmm...I'm trying to think if I have any angels I could use. Not really sure, but I'll look.

Karen, thank you so much for the photos! I adore the chest with the finials in it. That is gorgeous! I always wondered how they kept the finials from falling...never thought of using sticks.

Punk, I did ask DD what she thought and if she had any ideas for decorating. The only response I got was "doesn't matter to me, I'm only interested in putting up the big tree". She's 15 years old and when I ask for help with ideas and what she (as well as my 11 year old DD) would like as far as decorating or how they would like it to look...all I get in response is "it doesn't matter or I don't care". Very frustrating! I wish I could get them to say "oh, I think you should do this" or "can we do it this way"...I'd probably pass out from shock! LOL!

cbm4style, thank you so much! I do agree, there are some very crafty people here. I've learned so much since I started hanging with these ladies (and a few guys!).

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Even though I don't do a lot of Victorain decorating anymore, it is my absolute favorite. It looks perfectly lovely. Good luck with all those decorating....chores or should I say choices.

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