Does this even exist?

halgreeneJuly 20, 2014

One of the things I'm going to REALLY miss moving from a house to an apt is grilling. Do it almost every day in the warm weather. But I'm spoiled: I have an infrared grill. I love it so much I even fantasize about taking it with me and surreptitiously using it indoors. I could smuggle propane canisters into the building using my rolling suitcase and install commercial venting and fire suppression to handle it.

I know, not practical.

My Bluestar rangetop has a grill but I never use it because it's so anemic. Live and learn.

My dream would be an electric appliance or drop-in that can provide indoor infrared grilling.

Does such a thing even exist?


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Wolf grills are infrared. I seem to recall comments that it's really hot and can't be turned down. Someone here will surely be able to weigh in.

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We have a monogram with infrared and you are right, infrared grilling is awesome. Never had a better steak, they come out just perfect.

In addition to monogram and wolf, I believe capital's grill is also infrared.

Our monogram infrared in action:

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The Wolf, Monogram, & Capital are spectacular but...gas. Have no gas. :( Must use electricity.

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Perhaps a search on "electric salamander" would lead to a suitable device. Note that it will need to be under a hood.


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