Get rid of the tub? Just beautiful shower?

zen4dJuly 30, 2012

I have 3 bathrooms in my CT home. The largest is in what is technically the master bedroom, which we use as a guest room. The other bathroom was renovated appx 4 years ago. It's upstairs and is shared between 2 bedrooms, one of which is our bedroom (we're empty nesters). We decided to go without a tub in that bathroom and just put in a large shower. Happy with the results there.

Now I will be renovating the hall bath and was thinking of doing the same. Am I making a resale mistake by taking out the tub? A house with 3 bathrooms yet only one tub: mistake or no?

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If the only tub is in the master, then, yes, I think it would be a mistake.

Also, is that only tub on the main floor?

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No. The master, which we don't use as a master, is on the main floor.

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I'm confused. You say you are thinking about renovating the "hall bath", but the only tub left wouldn't be on the main floor in the Master Bath?

Based on the way I am reading your post, which is that the only tub left would be in the Master bath, which you don't use as a Master, I would not take out the tub in the hall bath. If there is only one tub, I would want it serving the secondary bedrooms.

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I am seeing more and more homes with no tubs at all. I think a home with just one tub will satisfy most buyers.

Buyers like me would be happier with all showers and no tubs.

I would get rid of the tub.

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This is like one of those logic puzzles :) It sounds to me as if the true master would still have a tub, but the bath used as a master currently has just a shower. The hall bath is the third bath, and I think you could easily do without a tub there, as long as there's a tub still in the house.

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Circus Peanut

I've said this before, but a bathtub is not just for bathing adults. (I bathe regularly and would never ever buy a house without a tub, but I may be in the minority.)

If there is a chance this house will have a family in it, you must keep at least one tub for bathing children.

Tubs are also essential for:

- adult washing with a broken limb or other injury that precludes standing in a shower

- soaking said injured limb or back

- bathing pets

- spraying off large houseplants

- washing delicate linens

- numerous arts/crafts projects

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What Circuspeanut said! I will had to that: rinsing out bottle calf bottles, wash up horse tack, cleaning out mops and buckets :)

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You need at least one tub in the house - if the 'real' master bath will still have a tub you should be fine.

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If you're thinking at all about resale value, then I think you should make sure there is at least one tub on the same level as the bedrooms. If you ever sell your home, people with children will want a tub. Like a previous poster, even as an adult, I would never buy a house without a tub, as I LOVE my baths!

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I vote for getting rid of the tub.

Tubs are NOT essential for:
- adult washing with a broken limb or other injury that precludes standing in a shower So you sit on a shower stool in the shower. My SO has been through a broken leg (where tub was a horrible nuisance, but sunken tub/shower combo was impossible) and after the bath remodel he had knee replacement where the walk-in shower with good grab bars and a shower stool made it far easier.

- soaking said injured limb or back that's what hot packs, grain bags, and heating pads are for.

- bathing pets The best way to corral a cat for a bath is to bathe them in a plastic storage bin in a closed glass shower. They can't get away. Have always bathed dogs in the shower for easier rinsing.

- spraying off large houseplants Shower, or outside

We are planning a house that will have no bathtubs, although they will be plumbed to make adding a tub easy.

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I would keep a tub in a hall bath that could/would be used by children. I think it's totally acceptable for a master bath to not have a tub, BTW.

We have a 3 bath, 4 bed house now and I am keeping it as 2 tubs and 1 showe for the 3 baths. A low tub (kohler villager) is relatively easy to step over and can still function as a kid-bathing spot.

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Oh, now I'm back to no tub. Here is the layout. The first floor has a master bedroom (and a bathroom with a tub). The first floor also has an office that could be converted into a small bedroom. There is a hall bathroom that I'm about to semi-renovate.

I have two bedrooms upstairs, one that I use as the master bedroom, and one that my son uses when he's home from his academy (not as often as a regular college). We share the upstairs bathroom, which does not have a shower.

So: 3 bathrooms. 1 upstairs, 2 downstairs (main level) which currently have tubs. I'm thinking of doing away with the hall tub. It is a risky proposition, and I do like tubs, but I think the tub would be more of a factor upstairs, not on the main level which guests use when they visit. But I will give it some more thought.

Thanks for ALL your input. It's very helpful to weight the pros and cons.

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I'm of the opinion that if you are planning to live in this house for a long time, you should design it in the way that makes you most happy. If that means no double sinks and only one tub, then that's what you should do.

I would keep at least one tub but in my opinion (and I'm not a realtor), if I had young children and needed a place to bathe them, I wouldn't mind using a tub in the master bath at all.

I grew up in a big colonial that had two full baths upstairs, both with tubs. We always seemed to use the master bath tub. Never had any complaints.

Hope this helps.

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