America's oldest fridge (GE) still keeping cool

deeageauxJuly 8, 2013

By Dan Thomas

It might have been around for what feels like an ice age, but a refrigerator still chilling after almost 85 years could be the oldest in America.

The fridge -- which shows no signs of freezing up -- cost around $300 when it was first produced by General Electric, equivalent to a staggering $4,225 today.

It is believed to be the oldest working fridge in the US -- a title once belonging to a 1938 flat top GE model owned by Mike Ansel from Pennsylvania.

But the three-foot-tall Globe Top monitor top cooler, currently owned by Mark Vail and Jane Galyean from Montgomery, New York, was purchased around eight years earlier.

The year it was first purchased was between 1929 and 1931. General Electric seized production of the monitor top design in 1937 to focus on flat tops.

Its basketball-like top houses the mechanical assembly which is still cooling food as though it was bought yesterday.

Here is a link that might be useful: NY POST LINK

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Does this model run on ammonia?


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cool! No pun intended. I have a 1950 GE, still going strong. Keeps food fresher longer, too.

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Ammonia because of the monitor top?

I think that is a cool way to dissipate heat for the mechanicals.

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