Blue Star--french doors?

nycbluedevilJuly 7, 2012

I saw someone say the other day that BS will offer french doors on the regular (non MS) range. I am getting a 36" range and am interested in the french doors. Does anyone have further information. Can anyone confirm this? When I called BS a few months ago they said that they don't offer the french door on the range and had no plans to do so.

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Oh no....don't say that. I need French doors for clearance and have been trying to find something to fit my needs. I've even come up with putting an American range FD wall oven under counter. If this is true, it would be very exciting.

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They offer side swing doors on the most rnb's. I think the 36" would require french doors as a single side swing 36" long would be way too much. So possibly the 36" is the only model where side opening are not offered?

Try to build your own bs on their website. Try different size ranges (ie 48 and 36) and see if it comes up as an option.(It should on the 48)

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Tyguy--I tried that first and there seemed to be no such option. Perhaps they do it as a special order? Here's hoping, but I am not too optimistic....

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GW member Dolode just purchased below. It is an expensive option.

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Dee: that is a marcus samuelsson (or precious metals), not a "regular" bs.

Nyc: were you able to get side opening doors when you "built" a bs on their website? If so, and you can not get the same for the 36", I would think that it isn't available.

I know my friend has built a 48" on bs's website with side swing doors. They are not french, they are single side swing. I suspect a 36" is too wide for a side swing unless they are double(french), which I am thinking they unfortunately do not offer.

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Thanks, ty. Yes, I was able to get the swing doors on the 36". My aisle is only 35" so I can't do it. And anyway, I agree that a full swing for that size is really big. I guess the MS is the only one that has the french doors, though.

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Wow!! That would be the size of a car door! :). Kinda dumb to have a single side swing at that size.

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