Question on Toto toilets

Fripp_07July 10, 2013

I recently had a Toto Drake II installed by my GC. After awhile, I noticed a strange odor in the WC. I lifted the lid from the tank and the inside of the lid was so wet that water dripped everywhere - - all over the toilet seat and the floor. It was as though water had been splashing up during the fill cycles. I wiped it off and put the lid back on. A week later, I checked it again and the condensate has started to reappear. Is this normal, and does the tank lid need to be removed and wiped down regularly, or is there another problem? Thx.

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Is this a sewer odor? or a mold odor? Was there mold on the tank lid?

I would not think that water on the tank lid would cause odor. I would be inclined to think that you have a leak in the waste pipe. But I am no plumber :)

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Thanks Enduring. Its not a sewer odor. More of a musty/mildew smell. And there is no mold on the underside of the tank lid; it just gets wet. The toilet is brand new and is only used by me. There are no men in my household. Never had this issue with my previous toilet which was 16 years old. I will definitely call a plumber.

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