Walnut Pocket Doors

enduringJuly 19, 2013

Hello! My walnut pocket doors are in the cabinet shop for my bathroom remodel. I don't have pictures of them.

I was initially shocked when I saw them. They were so BOLD. Not at all what I was imagining. So I went home and thought about them for a week.

Well, a week of working on the imagination is deceptive and troublesome. It becomes an issue of a memory of a memory of a memory. By the end of the week I hated the doors! So to get myself back into reality I took a trip to town to look at them again. Low and behold they were not the ugly beast I had imagined. I liked them! Not love, but like. I am hoping love will come.

Anyway, as I looked and chattered about the whole week's turmoil to Debra, my salesperson, I told her "I'm not really high maintenance...I just act that way". We laughed.

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I know what you mean, my imagination gets the best of me. I kept imaging my marble countertop having more of a gray background than white and being busy. We are obsessed.

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You got it sister!

edited to add that I have a strong urge to look up your bathroom reveal and see if the counters are more gray than white!

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We are perfectionists. Unfortunately , most of the workers are not . My tile man laughed at me when I told him that he has to be a perfectionist in his work in order to do a good job . What we see most of the other people don't .

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