I'm frustrated!

luvstocraftNovember 19, 2010

I uploaded some pictures to Photobucket. Started my post here to share them only to find out that Photobucket has changed something so that now you can only use it if you have Flashplayer. My laptop is a 64 bit and Flashplayer only works on 32 bit, so I can't upload it. That means I'm now not able to post my pics! I contacted Photobucket and told them my problem. Will have to wait until I hear back from them.

I'll try using Tiny Pic, but I'm upset that my pics are ready to go on Photobucket and I can't post them! Aaargh!


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Darn, luvs! I just tried PB & I don't see a thing about Flashplayer...I'll go out & try DH's laptop & see what happens...this worked on my computer. Jeanne S.

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ok, I just downloaded a pic here on DH laptop...will see if it works ...don't see anything about Flashplayer?

Sorry, luvs, no help at all...cause this worked also. Jeanne S

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Photobucket recently did some changes, but I didn't see that one. Tho I think I have flash player downloaded already. I'm trying to get use to things being different on my albums, I don't 'do' change well. LOL.

Hope you get it figured out. Wish I could help.
hugs, Karen

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Thanks Jeanne and Karen. Jeanne, your's worked probably because you already have flashplayer installed on your computer.

When I click on the html code, it doesn't even give me the option to "copy", just pops up and says it wants to install Flashplayer. I even tried to click and let it--but it doesn't load on my computer.

I will just have to wait for their answer. At least I was still able to upload the pics!

I just used Tiny Pic and posted the pictures I wanted to share.


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I took pictures the beginning of the week, and I had trouble downloading them in 'bulk'. PB would only allow me to download one at a time...which takes forever~ I got so frustrated because my laptop kept freezing and I kept losing the download...I just gave up.

We were all sick here, and I didn't have the head to use my laptop for several days, so when I came on tonight, the same thing is happening....grrrr
I hope PB gets lots of complaints over the changes they made..


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Oh, Jane, that is a bummer--both that you've been sick and that you couldn't upload your pics on PB. Sure hope you are feeling lots better now. Did you find the "contact us" on PB and send them a message? I did and am waiting for a response.

I love PB and really appreciate being able to use it for free--but each time they make changes, it just seems to make it harder for me. Maybe there's a reason for that--maybe they would like for all of us to use the "pay" options. I don't even think the pay option would help with my laptop not being able to install Flashplayer. ;o(


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Lus - maybe a possible solution

Found this at Flashplayer's site:

Flash Player on 64-bit operating systemsProducts affected

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You might be on this page because you can't view content with the Flash Player. This is likely because your computer is running a 64-bit Web browser on a 64-bit operating system and you are trying to install Flash Player. Flash Player does not run in most 64-bit browsers. If you attempt to download the Flash Player in a 64-bit browser that does not support Flash Player, you will see a message from Adobe and a link back to this page. To install Flash Player, use a 32-bit Web browser on your 64-bit operating system. All major browsers are available in 32-bit versions and the Internet Explorer 32-bit browser is the default browser on Windows 64-bit systems.

Here's a 32-bit browser.

Electrasoft Browser

Hope it works

Sliky - if you want to upload bulk pic, I finally did find the Bulk Uploader, hold you cursor over the pic to highlite > then click Ctrl on you keyboard and proceed to next one and do the same thing--they will be blue frames BTW....then hit upload and all the pics you've highlited will work like before



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This too:

Windows with other browsers, such as Firefox, Google Chrome or Opera

To use Firefox or other (not Internet Explorer) browsers with Flash Player on your 64-bit system, do the following:

  1. Download the 32-bit version from the browser vendor's website. For example, Firefox is a 32-bit Web browser you can download from http://www.mozilla.org/firefox.
  2. While using the 32-bit version of your Web browser, go to: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer (the Flash Player Download Center).
    The download center installs Flash Player in your 32-bit Web browser. You are now ready to view content using Flash Player in your 32-bit browser.

Note: Make sure you go to the Flash Player Download center in your 32-bit browser. If you try to go to the download center using a 64-bit Web browser, you will see a message from Adobe and a link back to this page, because you cannot install the current 32-bit Flash Player in your 64-bit Web browser.

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Thanks Luvs... seems like everyone is back to 'normal', and I'm slowly catching up.
As far as contacting PB..I 'didn't. I didn't think it would help. I think they just made these changes and that's it! I was thinking along the same lines as you, with them wanting us to purchase the 'options'. They keep advertising it a whole lot.

Jim...Thanks for your helful input. I tried what you suggested and it did download several pictures at a time, however, it took nearly half and hr to download 13 pics.
Now I don't know if it's on my end or if this is what is to be expected from now on. I certainly don't like it. Before these PB changes, I was able to use the 'bulk loader' and do twice as many pictures in no time at all.
This new way is like slow torture. ugggg


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Jim, thanks for the info--my son is coming over tomorrow and he is really good with computers, so I will have him read this and then see if he can do it for me.

I got an email from Photobucket too--referring me to the Adobe site Jim quoted above. At least it is good to know that I can load a 32 bit so that I can install the Flash Player.

Jane, I sure hope we don't continue to have problems even after we get the Flash Player installed. I'll let you know how mine works tomorrow evening.


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I haven't been able to use the bulk uploader in a long time. It just sits there and does nothing, so I have to go back and do one at a time. I don't use it much anymore, as with Live Writer for the blog I can get the pics from my computer.

I wrote to them way back. It took a long time for them to answer and they more or less said too bad, they can't keep up with new technology people have, blah blah!

It is frustrating.
Yikes, I just went and it is totally different, so I am trying...

It is working for me, hope you get it figured out. You know how we feel about posts with NO pics, LOL!

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Luvs - I installing a 32-bit browser solves your problem.

Hmm - I just tried the PB's Bulk Uploader and it seemed to work as usual.
Uploading from My Pictures took a little while - but it did that before too at times.

I really, really, hate the smaller pics in the albums.

Maybe things have gotten a bit slower to get us to buy the premium service?

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Just another test. Used a beta version of the flash player for 64 bit systems that is availalbe on the adobe website.

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Yeah, My son was able to upload a flashplayer for me so I should be okay now. sorry that picture is so big! He was just testing to see if it worked okay. Luvs

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I have the premium service, and to me its worth it to avoid all those pop ups. I especially wanted to get it for the Holiday and Garden Junk Inspiration albums. I figured if the pop-ups annoy me that much, its bound to make others irritated. But I just wish Photobucket wouldn't make me learn new things. LOL. I get 'set in my ways' and don't take change too well.

Kathleen, that tree is REALLY pretty.

hugs, Karen

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I don't like the "tinier" pics ... & having to scroll now for albums cause of a pic beside the album...instead of just a text list. But I am going to send in an order to see the quality of their printing. PB has been very user-friendly.

Great, luvs, happy to hear your son solved the problem ...& thanks to chijim for the advice!

PM...Love that you do the Inspiration Albums...so inspiring!

Pretty tree, kathleen... & love that Mary Cassett print, too. Jeanne S.

I downloaded a few pics...it's working ok...I'm trying to clean up my room so I can start on some more projects...lookie here...a clean workspace!! & I added those vinyl letters to my wall...you've seen that 9-pc frame before in a t'scape:

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Luvs...I'm so happy everything was resolved and you're back in action again! I'm sure you must be so relieved.
I know I get so frustrated when I can't figure these things out on my own and have to wait for someone who knows.
Thank goodness for Jim's advice and for your son to make it happen. lol

kathleen...I agree that tree is really lovely.

jeanne..I'm admiring your Amazingly neat workspace...If I didn't see all the wonderful things you create, I would swear you didn't Really work there!! lolol
Unfortunately, when DD and the kids moved in several months ago, I had to give up ALL my extra space, including a little work area just for me :(
So it becomes a choir to pull stuff out to do anything...it's nice when it's already set up and you can 'get to it' when you're inspired.


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LOL, jane! That "clean" workspace hasn't been clean all summer...got stacked pretty HIGH! But summer is outdoor time, right? Now it's time to work inside. Ahhh, some day your workspace will be back...meanwhile, you've got some great quality spending time with your loved ones! Jeanne S.

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